Mount Abu Sightseeing via RSRTC Bus, Bus Depot, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

One day during the visit to Mount Abu bus depot I saw a display board at the inquiry/ticket counter talking about Mount Abu sightseeing via 2×2 luxury bus – charges Rs. 85/- per person. And while coming out of bus depot nearby availability of jeeps for sightseeing – charges Rs. 150/- per person.

If you know driving two-wheeler you should hire scooter/motorcycle for the tour – another good option. There are many scooter/motorbike rental providers at Mount Abu. The rate for a day starting 9 morning till 8 night is between Rs. 250 – 300. All you have to do is to submit your identity card such as Passport/Pan Card/Voting ID and scooter/motorcycle is yours for the tour. Petrol you have to fill as per your requirement. If you are staying for more than one night at Mount Abu and wish to keep the vehicle you can. There are no night charges. In-short 24 hours rent is between Rs. 250-300. I paid Rs. 250.

If I compare all transport modes available at Mount Abu or known as per knowledge including rented two-wheelers I find R.S.R.T.C run buses are the most cheapest transport for Mount Abu sightseeing.

As per the display board they start 9:30 morning hours end tour at Sunset.

And not to forget at Mount Abu there are roads where private/hired vehicles not allowed except two-wheelers. It is possible one is tired of walking or old age and sightseeing is far and the wish is to visit. What to do?

Do not worry. Baba Gaadi is the local Mount Abu transport option driven by local man. The vehicle is made of iron to transport people from one place to another. Four people can sit comfortably (mattress) inside the same. It is excellent specially for old people and kids. I remember during Mout Abu tour mother was tired of walking and the only option available at the location was Baba Gaadi. I paid Rs. 20 per person (after the bargain) for approx. half km distance. Baba Gaadi is mostly used by people for Sunset point or Honeymoon point visit. The gaadi is available mostly nearby the town area.


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