History of Kuldhara (Abandoned Village near Jaisalmer) Narrated by Tour Guide

Kuldhara – abandon villages, deserted town. Haunted? Curiosity existing and we driving to know more.

What you know about Kuldhara – The question for the driver of the cab.

Paliwal Brahmins dilapidated houses is Kuldhara. The daughter of a brahmin was liked by the King and request for marriage was conveyed but was not accepted. Due to the fear for saying No to the King Brahmins left villages in one night shifted to Pali.

Where is Pali? – another question.

Pali is 74 km from Jodhpur.

Those days one cannot argue or disobey the wish of King that is why Paliwal Brahmins left villages in one night. This story is real and is about hundreds of years old – said the driver.

But what about today? Anybody stays at that location?



Because there is nothing there except those ruins. There are no basic amenities existing.

Ok – said I and we reach Kuldhara after driving 20 km distance from Jaisalmer City. We started the journey at 5:30 pm via Mool Sagar reached Kuldhara 6 evening hours.

Entry Fee?

Rs. 10 per person and for vehicle Rs. 50.

Paid and the car enter Kuldhara. Nobody was present except the guard at the entrance gate. Felt like haunted place as remains of the village or a small town existing. A temple without a priest or an idol, empty lanes and by lanes as we continue walking and driving sometimes. A bird flying but static at one place adding more fear. As we roam around nothing that (fear) sort of was felt. Fear is a state of mind – they say. Mud houses mostly with/out pillars, wooden ceilings, rock stone stairs, artwork on the walls, a bullock cart present.

As the Sun was setting and to know more curiosity existed. We after spending about 30 minutes decided to talk with the guard to know more we proceed towards the main gate. The guard introduces us to a person who is the son of the guide and now he joins us. We are heading towards Kuldhara ki Dhani – a very small village nearby to meet Kuldhara guide.

How many houses are there at Dhani? – I question.

50-60 houses – said the person.

Quickly we were at the right place to meet the right person to know more.

Namaskar, Namaskar – an old man arrives.

We are little late at Kuldhara otherwise we have met there only – said I.

May I know your name?

Sombar Ram – He replied. Names of week – sombar, mangalwar, budhwar – said he.

Yes, Yes said I and I understood what he is saying is Sombar.

Baba, you are very old – what is your age?

paanch ke upar sattar.

75 years. In short he said 5+70.

Is it possible for you to narrate The History of Kuldhara because I am here from far to know.

Achcha (ok) – He said.

We arrive here with your son – said I.

He is the light of my old eyes – said he.

What is his name?

Prem Ram and he is the younger one – Harji Ram. And now The History of Kuldhara – He narrates.

Within 80 – 90  km there were 84 villages existing in those days or Jaisalmer fort. Paliwal Brahmin lived here. Kuldhara was the largest village within those 84 villages. Patwa Havelies, Salim Singh’s Haveli you must have visited within Jaisalmer. Salim Singh was the Dewan of King during those days. Once he visited Kuldhara Village and the temple. There he saw a beautiful girl and expressed his wish to marry. This wish was not liked by Paliwal Brahmins but they requested him for 10 days time to decide as they will call one senior member from each of 84 villages to discuss and to take final decision.

Those days there was no cars, motorbikes thus a young man from the village was sent in hurry via camel to convey the message to all 84 villages eldest person to meet at Kuldhara. Meeting was held. Decision was taken. 84 villages brahmins abandoned Jaisalmer in one night leaving whatever they have. It is said they finally settled in Jodhpur, Delhi, Kolkata wherever they find safety and means to earn.

But the driver of the cab said they settled within Pali Village few Kms away from Jodhpur? – I question.

No, wrong. They came from Pali settled in Jaisalmer if not Jaisalmer to Pali. That is why they were known as Paliwal Brahman.

How many of them stayed here in those days? – I question.

2000 men village – he said. There was a river flowing nearby in those days. ‘Kak’ is the name and is still flowing but not near the village but little far near the mountains.

How old is the story which you narrated just now – I question.

400 years old story.

Kachche Dhaage, Shakti (starring Sanjay Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor), Janwar, Border – Bollywood movies shooting was held here. I have a scene in the movie Kachche Dhaage – he said and a smile.

At what time it opens for the public?

8 am

And the closing time?

7 pm

Thank you – said I for sharing history. Thanks a lot and donations.

The moon was full gorgeous within desert. I request for a photograph.

Khabha Fort is 16 km from Kuldhara I read somewhere. Maybe next tour.

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