Salt Iodization & Processed Salt Plant, Sambhar, Rajasthan

Salt Iodization & Processed Salt Plant, Sambhar, Rajasthan

After visiting Shakambhari Mata Temple and Sambhar Lake, we also visited Salt Iodization & Processed Salt Plant built in 1962 near Sambhar railway station, Sambhar Town. We enter.

Two employees present monitoring salt plant process. Hello and request to share knowledge about salt. As salt is, obtain from Sambhar fields plant has to filter, clean salt by various cleaning process present within the plant – said Motaram. Once that is done salt is sent into the dryer that separate water and salt. Later the packaging process for the market for selling.

Half an hour stays watching salt cleaning process as it is the first time I have seen a plant so closely.

Knowledge enhanced. Thank you – said I.

The driver of the cab enhanced knowledge about Dargah Sharif Hazrat Khwaja Hismauddin Chisty at Sambhar Town, and we proceed towards the same. He was the grandson of Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz.

The driver further said: If one is visiting Khwaja Garib Nawaz at Ajmer should also visit two more mazar – Dargah Sharif Hazrat Khwaja Hismauddin Chisty and Hazrat Khwaja Fakhruddin mazar (son of Khwaja Garib Nawaz) at Sarwar Town near Ajmer.

Direction board about dargah is there within the Sambhar Town. We reached the car was parked. Rose, Chaddar was offered and prayers and a wish to visit Sarwar.

You know Sambhar Town is famous for Pheni – the driver said. Pheni is one of the favorite sweet dish. I decided to buy and will request friend’s wife at Pushkar to make the same. Rs. 60 per kg – shopkeeper said. Two kgs but in two separate boxes – one of self, friends and one for the driver – hurraayyyy!!!

Time to return Pushkar.

A request to the cab driver to follow road via Naliasar Pond. They say it is the shortest one. Road condition OK. And we saw Antelope within fields. I have heard flamingos are seen during winter days at Naliasar Pond but No. Maybe next tour.

Naliasar Pond, Sambhar to Pushkar Distance by Road and Driving Directions

Naliasar Pond, Sambhar to Pushkar: 110 km approx.

Naliasar Pond, Sambhar > Saapo ki Dhani > Sitarampura > Aadarwa > Roopangarh > Kalidungi > Makrana More > Pushkar

Suggestion: To reach Sambhar follow National Highway 8 and towards Dudu for Sambhar. The distance via Dudu or via Roopangarh is almost the same but yes, road condition via NH 8, Dudu is better.

Yes, I drop the idea of visiting Tilonia village near Ajmer city though it was on the tour chart because I was too tired. Anyways, if I calculate how much journey I have done it will be 294 km Pushkar > Sambhar Lake > Shakambhari Devi Temple > Sambhar Town > Pushkar.

I paid 1750 rupees i.e., 6 rupees per km excluding Tilonia village tour. It is a good bargain for the taxi. Thanks to friend. I paid Rs. 150 extra to the cab driver because he was very helpful.

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