Gopichand ki Gufa in Achalgarh, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Gopichand ki Gufa in Achalgarh, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

250 steps to reach Shri Adeshwar Jain temple and 100 more steps for Gopichand ki Gufa.

Bhabhoot Singh – The guide. He is from Beda gaon, Bali, Pali, Rajasthan, approx. 100 km from Mount Abu. Seventy plus the age but the enthuse exist to show devotees Gopichand ki Gufa. I started following him. The path is old surrounded by dilapidated fort walls. To reach cave is a little brave act because one can watch thousands of feet below the car parking area straight from the stairs. No railing around stairs. Be cautious. We continue walking and with few steps we reach Mahakali temple and the cave.

During Tretayug Gopichand – The King meditated inside the cave. It is also said Pandav brothers visited this cave and meditated. There is a small closed passage inside the cave that reaches Jawai Bandh. Though it is closed now but it is said Pandav brothers reached Jawai Band via this passage.

Little flow of water via cave walls as we enter the cave while bending our back. Atmosphere is dark, peaceful and cool. Mahakali Temple is in front and cave behind.

Earlier times Mount Abu were the location for meditation. During that time Rakshashas try their best to disrupt sages. Sage Vasistha (Guru of Sage Vishwamitra) performed Yagya (holy fire) and four youth arose from the flames – Chauhan, Parmar, Solanki, Parihar. They killed Rakshashas. Peace restored.

Mount Abu was the capital of Parmars dynasty. Currently Raghuveer ji is the King. Paschimi (west) Banas river was shown by the guide flowing, and he said – Purvi (east) Banas river that falls into Chambal river is flowing on the other side of the mountains.

It was a useful knowledgeable tour. And then Bhabhoot Singh showed Ram naam (name) written by him in a copy. Currently, he has written 32 lacs Ram naam. His target is to write 84 lacs. Each day he writes approx. 6,000-7,000 Ram naam and few times 13,000.

I question him why he is writing?

He said – It is better to remember God by writing instead of playing cards and doing useless talks.

I offer donation. He guided to donate it to another person. I ask – Who is he?

He said – This person cure people from evil spirits. He lives here only.

Few rupees donated. Thank you said I.

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