Reservoir nearby Bharkiya Mata ji Temple, Bhopatpura, Bijolia, Rajasthan

48 km approx. from Bundi is Bharkiya Mata ji temple and is famous among locals for waterfall during rainy season. All you have to do is to follow Bhimlat route but instead of turning for Bhimlat Waterfall continue driving straight towards Bijolia till you reach Bhopatpura. At Bhopatpura there is left turn towards Bharkiya Mata ji temple. 3 km further driving and a right turn for another 2 km drive within no man’s land to reach waterfall but remember to reach this location you need a guide as I reached there because Ashok ji is local guide. But again this waterfall is only during rainy season. When I was there it was totally dry except a reservoir and no one present except Ashok ji and I. While returning we lost the way within no man’s land but chasing own motorbike tyres marks we reached the main road.

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