Dobra Mahadev Temple (Bundi, Rajasthan) – A Naga Matha

Dobra Mahadev Temple, Bundi, Rajasthan

Afternoon hours Ashok ji and I driving towards Dobra Mahadev.

Dobra Mahadev is Lord Mahadev temple approx. 8 km far from Bundi situated behind Taragarh Fort little before Chamunda Mata Mandir within dense jungle.

Are there wild animals within the jungle close to temple-area? – I question.

Ashok ji – Do not afraid.

No correct reply for the question. Anyways, motorbike was leaving the main path and we following the direction. Main path is surrounded by dense Babool, Khejda trees. We now entering further inside the jungle. No other man visible. 50 meters approx. driving within the rocky path I parked motorbike. It was not possible to drive further as the path going downwards very narrow surrounded by thorn trees. Ashok ji also suggested the same. Walking the only option.

I was following Ashok ji. Dobra Mahadev temple (0747-2444688) is surrounded by Aravalli mountain range from all sides – He said. Temple, Holy Kund, Cave I will show you all. And we reached the entrance. Shoes were opened, hands washed and I heard someone reciting Ramayana.

Priest is alone reciting Ramayana. Jaha Sumati Taha Sampatti Nana written on top of the temple wall. Where there is wisdom, prosperity of every kind reigns – The translation. We said namaste with folded hands. Prayers in front of Lord Shiva, Hanuman ji and on the floor listening Ramayana. Few minutes reciting was over. I was talking to priest knowing history of Dobra Mahadev.

Now a days it is not that dense jungle but years ago about 700 years back there was dense jungle. A saint used to meditate within the cave (still present) little far from the temple-area. In short 700 years old temple you can say. Swayambhu idol Hanuman ji is the first deity of the temple. Mahadev ji was installed by King Ram Singh ji of Bundi Darbar. There is a kund within the temple area and the water was purified by Bundi Darbar by adding 24 tirth holy water. The holy water is known as Siddh Jal. Because temple is surrounded by Aravalli Hills and is down below hilly region the temple is known as Dobra Mahadev temple. It is a Naga Matha.

Sawan Ki Pratham Ashtami there is huge festival all around the temple-area and near Chamunda Devi temple.

Do you stay in this jungle area within the temple? – I question.

Yes, said the priest since 23 years. Earlier uncle Shri Rameshwar Das ji lived here meditating and taking care of the temple. Later I joined but since childhood I visit the temple.

Any wild animal visit this location?

Yes, panther sometimes is seen but earlier times tiger also used to visit.

Om Prakash ji – The priest requested Ashok ji to show the cave and we after saying Dhanyavad walking further down towards the cave.

Cave is approx. 50 meters from Dobra Mahadev temple but not visible. One has to walk further down to reach. Guide is always the best option to reach temple as well as Cave. We sat down close to cave for minutes. As late evening time was approaching fast I decided to move and we both walking towards parked motorbike area. An old path towards Bundi Ashok ji said. Maybe will walk one day together.

While walking we saw Parrot, Squirrel, Teetar all having food together. The location perfect. One should visit if visiting Bundi but guide is required. Temple, Cave, Holy Kund, Saints Foot-Prints, Dhuni and many more within the temple-area far away from the city – peaceful. Evening sunlight amazing. Babool trees joining together from both sides of the path and we towards Bundi. The journey continues..

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