Shri Laxman ji Temple (Deeg, Rajasthan) – 400 Years Old also known as Usha Temple

Shri Laxman ji Temple, Deeg, Rajasthan

Continuing ‘Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra’ we now is driving close to Ding Fort. No details about the same but yes, it is a huge fort. The driver of our car enhanced our knowledge – The fort is covered by water from all sides. Ok – said I. Maybe someday during Rajasthan tour will try to visit – a thought. Ding is in Rajasthan. We have crossed the border of Uttar Pradesh and now driving through the roads of Rajasthan.

Ding Fort is approx. 15 Kms from Mansi Ganga or one cay say approx. 45 Kms from Vrindavan.

One km of driving. Laxman temple at Deeg in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan.

All vehicles stop. Steps towards the temple and we all walking to reach deity.

After Prayers, Prasad we requested priest to share the story about the temple. He requested all of us to sit quietly to listen.

The place where you are right now is called Dheerpur.

dheerpur naam gaon braj mandal ko
tako kala dekh tajmahalo sharmat hai
aur kundan ke beeach bagh bane bhavya
garjat tarjat meghan ki aur ghumraat hai
chalat dware jaldhare satrang dware
indra ke dhanush ki chawi darshat hai
aur dharti pe ho chahe sukha ka prakop kaho
dig mein to ho baroh mah barsaat hai

Because Lord Krishna enlarged himself at this location that is why it is named as Dheerpur. When Aghasur – a demon gulped Lord Krishna, lord had to expand his body to come out the stomach to kill the demon.

Another name of Dheerpur is Lathawar. Lord Krishna at Dheerpur taught people how to play Lathi.

This is Brajmandal and the temple you are present is of Sheshawatar Shri Laxman ji temple. Lord Laxman was Shesh in Satyug, Laxman in Treta Yug, Balarama during Dwapar Yug and during Kalyug they say Ramanajucharya is the incarnation of Lord Laxman. As you can see Ram in Baalroop (child) as well as Laxman and Urmila ji present within temple. All over the world it is said this is the only temple having Ram, Laxman, Urmila deity within one frame. The temple is approx. 400 years old and is also known as Usha temple. If you visit an early morning, you can see early morning sunlight reaching towards the face of the deity to offer prayers as said and believed and then after touching feet of deities continues towards city life. And not to forget if you have time please visit palaces of Ding because they are special.
Boleiye Laxman maharaj ki jai.

The priest blessed us for our safe journey. We all thanked him for sharing The History Shri Laxman ji Temple.

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