About: Auth. Sight Seeing Rickshaw at Keoladeo National Park

About: Auth. Sight Seeing Rickshaw at Keoladeo National Park

Rs. 70 per hour is the charge for an authorized sightseeing rickshaw at Keoladeo National Park (also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary), Bharatpur. The ones with the yellow plates are the authorized cycle rickshaws. The name and their authorized cycle-rickshaw number are written on the plate. More than 100 authorized cycle rickshaws are there in the park. I requested one, and the hotel owner arranged one. Early morning cycle rickshaw was at our hotel gate and in the late evening hours, I was dropped at the hotel gate. What better than this?

Sound Knowledge about the park, birds, and animals is the best about the rickshaw-puller. Almost a guide having knowledge of the foreign language as well. The Forest Department provides training to rickshaw pullers. All birds and animal images with names you see on my blog were shared by the rickshaw puller.

Kadam Kunj is deep inside the park which may be not visited frequently by visitors. Only via cycle or by foot one can reach. Rickshaw-puller parked his rickshaw and took us by foot. About one km walking distance. And while returning to the main gate he again stopped and we walked to see the python.

Other than the authorized cycle rickshaw I saw few tourists with the cycle. Another good option is if you are in a group or two at least. Car and Motorcycle are not allowed deep inside the park. The only best option is an authorized cycle-rickshaw or cycle. I also saw a tourist conveyance van inside the park. But I suggest sightseeing by an authorized cycle-rickshaw is one of the best at Keoladeo National Park. Due to authorized cycle-rickshaw wala knowledge was enhanced and I was able to watch White-eared Bulbul, Grey Heron, Green Bee-eater, Painted Stork, Pair of Sambar Deer, White-browed Bulbul, Red-tailed Lizard, Pond Heron, Monitor Lizard, Large Egret, Night Heron, Sparrow Hawk Bird, Spotted Owl, Lesser Whistling Ducks, Blue Bull and more…


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