Bhanwal Mata Temple (Nagaur, Rajasthan) – Also known as Dhai Pyala Mata ji

Bhanwal Mata Temple, Bhanwal Village, Rajasthan

I was reading morning newspaper and the arrival of Krishna – a good friend. He said: Do you want to go somewhere today? I said why not, and we riding Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike towards Bhanwal Mata temple situated at Bhanwal Village in Nagaur district of Rajasthan.

There are two ways to reach temple – one is nearby Pushkar railway station following the below said route and another via National Highway 89 till you reach Padu Kalan i.e., 38 km approx. from Pushkar. At Padu Kalan there are two turns – right that goes to Merta City and left turn that will take you to Bhanwal village via Jasnagar Chowk, Riya Badi and is approx. 11 km from Padu Kalan. Once you reach Jasnagar Chowk, Riya Badi take a right turn and another 16 km to reach Bhanwal Mata temple.

The shortest distance is via Govindgarh if you prefer village route. If not, you can drive via NH 89.

Road condition NH 89 good but the distance is approx. 65 km.

History of Bhanwal Mata temple

Bhanwal Mata temple is approx. 3,000 years old built by thieves – devotees of mata though the goddess idol is older than that. There are two goddesses inside the temple – Bhanwal mata and Brahmani mata. Bhanwal mata takes two and half cups of wine from devotees as I saw devotees offering wine bottle and priest of the temple with a small cup offering two and a half cups of wine to the goddess. Goddess Bhanwal is also known as Dhai Pyala mata ji among locals. Later devotees take wine bottle as Prasad.

Festivals: Chaitra Navratra and Ashwin Navratra (twice in a year).

Temple Timings: Temple opens at 7 morning hours and close by 9 pm.

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