My Royal Enfield Chain Sprocket, Brake Shoes, Wheel Bearings Replacement Cost

RE Thunderbird Twinspark Chain Sprocket, Brake Shoes and Wheel Bearings

At 36,400 km almost at the end of last year, I visited Manmohan Motors at Mohali (Punjab) because of a brake and chain issue existing in my Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorcycle. After the inspection of the motorcycle, I was advised by the head mechanic to replace the Chain Sprocket because of worn teeth and Rear Brake Shoes as well to be safe during long tour.

Yes, there was a huge noise the moment I applied the rear brake, and it was not applied properly as well.

Regarding the Chain Sprocket, it is not the first time I am replacing it. If I remember correctly it is the second time and regarding the Brake Shoes yes, I have replaced them a few times before.

The mechanic suggested upon query – one should replace Chain Sprocket around 15,000 km or as per requirement.

I also suggested head mechanic to check wheel ball bearings and any other existing issues in around the wheels or anywhere. Many times I drive continuously for 10 hours.

Wheel bearings should be replaced around 10,000 km or as per requirement – suggested mechanic.

Below are the parts replacement (with cost in rupees) done by the head mechanic in two days because of the busy station.

Chain and Sprocket Kit – 1667

Brake Shoes with Shorte – 238 (119 x 2)

Brake Spring – 12 (6 x 2)

Cush Rubber – 164 (41 x 4)

Sealed Ball Bearing – 584 (146 x 4)

Nut, Brake Road M8 – 19

Neutral Switch – 112

Total Amount including Labour (Rs. 300) and service tax I paid – Rs. 3133/-.

Thank you, Royal Enfield. Till-date I am proud of your services and product as well.