Chicken Curry for Dinner in Amritsar, Punjab

Dinner at Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner, Majitha Road, Amritsar, Punjab

It was 10 pm in the night when we reached Majitha road to have dinner at a very famous restaurant – Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner. The shop is approx. 3 km from Interstate Bus Terminal. Sharing auto service is available on main road nearby Interstate bus terminal for Rs. 10/- per person but as it was late night no passengers available except two of us and not aware of the location we booked entire auto for Rs. 40/-.

At Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner instead of famous fish preparation I requested for 1/2 plate Chicken curry for dinner with plain chapati. We were at ground floor spacious hall packed with locals and various friendly groups. Only one table was empty.

The service was quick and the food without any doubt – delicious. Punjabis are excellent in chicken preparation.

Little expensive for a budget traveler specially if I talk about myself but if the food quality is excllent for once it is good to visit to taste. I paid Rs. 290/- for 1/2 chicken curry and few more rupees for plain chapati. After dinner we walked upstairs to discover there is another hall for people visiting with family.

In-short if you are visiting with family upstairs hall is preferable. One of the best restaurant for chicken. Thank you very much.

After the dinner though it was little late night we opt for a walk to reach our hotel. Chicken was the topic during the walk.

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