Shri Saibaba Travel Afoot from Shirdi to Rahata, Customarily Rested Upon this Garden

A Wishing Tree - A Panacea (A Kalpavriksha or Kalpataru), Nagar-Manmad Road, Shirdi, Maharashtra, India


A Wishing Tree - A Panacea (Shirdi, Maharashtra,, India) - Historical Marker

This holy, sacred and ancient tree, maybe 200-250 year old, is standing in the garden which belonged to a trio of renowned merchants, namely, Late Chandrabhanji Sand who passed away on 07-12-1911, Late Khushalchandji Sand who expired on 05-11-1918 and Late Daulatramji Sand who breathed his last on 28-10-1924, the members of the firm M/S Shivram Ramchandra.

Shree Sadguru Saibaba all along his life until his departure for the supreme celestial abode on 15-10-1918, used to travel afoot from Shirdi to Rahata only to see and meet Late Chandrabhanji, Late Khushalchandji and Late Daulatramji. Shree Sadguru Saibaba, every time before he visited Late Khushalchandji’s house customarily rested upon this garden. On the receipt of the intimation of his arrival, Shree Sadguru Saibaba was always ushered in, led and escorted by a symphony orchestra from this point to the place of the firm with a great deal of enthusiasm, delight and elated spirit.

He was then served with a refreshment or a meal at the residence of Late Khushalchandji, following which, he conventionally blessed all the members of Khushalchandji’s family and later on conveyed himself to Shirdi in a horse-drawn carriage arranged and provided by Late Khushalchandji.

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