My Sony Camera Parts Replacement for The First Time

Old Parts of My Sony Cyber-shot DSC H10 Camera

Up-gradation of the camera, better ISO, compact SLR if not large SLR the idea is dropped. I am back with Sony Cyber-shot DSC H10. Emotions attached, you can say. For more than 3 years it had given excellent photography results without any trouble. Whoever checked the photos – appreciated.

Lens Block Assembly, Cabinet (Rear) Assembly, Mounted C. Board parts replacement is required, an inspection report suggested. Rs. 8000 approx. – The cost with 90 days warranty.

Done, said I. Whether the decision is correct or not I do not know only time will answer. I have replaced old camera parts with new ones yet to test practically.

An Update: Replacing Sony Cyber-shot DSC H10 Camera Parts for the Second Time

Jul 10, 2013

After one year of fantastic photography, it was again an issue of blur photos but no complains because Sony Cyber-shot DSC H10 is now more than 4 years old. As I said above, emotions attached and fantastic performance I do not want to switch to any other camera. I decided once again to replace those camera parts which are not functioning well.

Lens Block Assembly was the major replacement required as suggested by Sony Service Center. And I remember the camera’s LCD screen also having scratches, so why not change that too. Done.

Total cost I paid Rs. 6,565/-.

I am sure again the decision is correct because in this amount I won’t be able to find a brand new camera with 8.1 megapixel, 10x optical zoom, and Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens. Correct?

But a few questions:

Have you ever replaced camera parts? What was your experience? What to do with old parts?