My 3 days Total Expenses for Mumbai-Latur-Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath Solo Budget Travel (to and fro)

The question is: How many days are good enough for Mumbai-Latur-Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath (to and fro) tour?

The answer is: *Two days minimum stay. Maximum is up to you. I stayed in Ambajogai for 3 days.

*one day for Ambajogai/nearby popular tourist places and one day for Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath (to and fro) journey.

And the 3 days’ total expenses for Mumbai-Latur-Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath Solo Budget Travel (to and fro) is as below:

  1. Mumbai (night train) till Latur (02043 / CSMT BIDR SPL) AC 3 Tier = Rs. 940.89
  2. Latur railway station till Sai Chowk, Latur bus fare = Rs. 7
  3. Sai Chowk, Latur till Ambajogai bus depot journey by Force Trax Cruiser = Rs. 70
  4. 2 plates Dahi-Poha (Rs. 30) at Appa stall (since 20 years) + 2 Cup tea (Rs. 20) opposite/nearby Ambajogai bus depot = Rs. 50
  5. Pravin’s (dear friend and a farmer from Ambajogai) Shepwadi farm from Ambajogai bus depot (3/4 km) via auto = Rs. 70.
  6. Shri Yogeshwari Yatri Niwas, Ambajogai stay (general room double-bed) for 3 days Rs. 400 (per day) x 3 = Rs. 1,200
  7. Shri Yogeshwari Yatri Niwas canteen expenses (Daily Breakfast + Tea + Mineral Water + one-night Dinner) for 3 days = Rs. 486
  8. Petrol for Pravin’s motorbike = Rs. 300
  9. Visit to Hotel New Quality at Satephal Pati (10 km from Ambajogai) via Pravin’s motorbike for dinner (for two) = Rs. 270
  10. Shaving (Rs. 40) + Head Massage (Rs. 10) at Sapna Gents Parlour, Hanuman Nagar, Ambajogai = Rs. 50
  11. Ambajogai bus depot to Parali Vaijnath bus depot by state government bus = Rs. 30
  12. Parali Vaijnath bus depot till Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple auto fare = Rs. 30
  13. Camera deposit at cloak-room near Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple = Rs. 10
  14. Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple till Parali Vaijnath bus depot auto fare = Rs. 20
  15. 2 glasses of sugarcane juice at Someshwar Sweet Shop – outside Parali Vaijnath bus depot = Rs. 40
  16. Parali Vaijnath bus depot till Shepwadi, Ambajogai by state transport bus = Rs. 25
  17. Lunch at Hotel Anil, near Panchayat Samiti, Ambajogai = Rs. 325
  18. Kalma Khoya Barfi (half kg) from Shri Yogeshwari Sweet Home (at the entrance gate of Shree Yogeshwari temple) = Rs. 200
  19. *Hurda Party (????? ??????) expenses at Pravin’s farm = Rs. 1,000
  20. Ambajogai bus depot to Sai Chowk, Latur by state government bus = Rs. 75
  21. Sai Chowk, Latur to Latur railway station by auto = Rs. 30
  22. 02208 / LATUR – CSMT (Mumbai) SPL. – sleeper class = Rs. 363.19
  23. Miscellaneous expenses = Rs. 100

My approx. Total Cost for 3 Days Solo Budget Travel to Mumbai-Latur-Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath (to and fro) tour = Rs. 5692.

That means 1 day’s expenses will be Rs. 1,900 approx. which includes Rs. 400 for accommodation, food, Mineral Water and travel, etc., etc.

Note: As I am a solo traveler, the cost of accommodation (double-bed), I have to pay but if you are two or more people, accommodation cost will be divided. Accommodation at Shri Yogeshwari Yatri Niwas, Ambajogai is basic, clean, and with a canteen.

Train travel cost can be cut-down (approx. Rs. 600) if one travels by sleeper class (Mumbai-Latur-Mumbai night journey).

*Hurda Party at Pravin’s farm (Rs. 1000) was a personal expense. That also one can save.

Now it’s up to you how many days you want to stay in Ambajojgai. I gave you a rough idea about expenses.