My 3 days Total Expenses for Mumbai-Latur-Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath Solo Budget Travel (to and fro)

The question is: How many days are good enough for Mumbai-Latur-Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath (to and fro) tour?

The answer is: *Two days minimum stay. Maximum is up to you. I stayed in Ambajogai for 3 days.

*one day for Ambajogai/nearby popular tourist places and one day for Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath (to and fro) journey.

And the 3 days total expenses for Mumbai-Latur-Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath Solo Budget Travel (to and fro) is as below:

  1. Mumbai (night train) till Latur (02043 / CSMT BIDR SPL) – AC 3 Tier = Rs. 940.89
  2. Latur railway station till Sai Chowk, Latur bus fare = Rs. 7
  3. Sai Chowk, Latur till Ambajogai bus depot journey by Force Trax Cruiser = Rs. 70
  4. 2 plates Dahi-Poha (Rs. 30) at Appa stall (since 20 years) + 2 Cup tea (Rs. 20) opposite/nearby Ambajogai bus depot = Rs. 50
  5. Pravin’s (dear friend and a farmer from Ambajogai) Shepwadi farm from Ambajogai bus depot (3/4 km) via auto = Rs. 70.
  6. Shri Yogeshwari Yatri Niwas, Ambajogai stay (general room double-bed) for 3 days – Rs. 400 (per day) x 3 = Rs. 1,200
  7. Shri Yogeshwari Yatri Niwas canteen expenses (Daily Breakfast + Tea + Mineral Water + one night Dinner) for 3 days = Rs. 486
  8. Petrol for Pravin’s motorbike = Rs. 300
  9. Visit to Hotel New Quality at Satephal Pati (10 km from Ambajogai) via Pravin’s motorbike for dinner (for two) = Rs. 270
  10. Shaving (Rs. 40) + Head Massage (Rs. 10) at Sapna Gents Parlour, Hanuman Nagar, Ambajogai = Rs. 50
  11. Ambajogai bus depot to Parali Vaijnath bus depot by state governemnt bus = Rs. 30
  12. Parali Vaijnath bus depot till Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple auto fare = Rs. 30
  13. Camera deposit at cloak-room near Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple = Rs. 10
  14. Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple till Parali Vaijnath bus depot auto fare = Rs. 20
  15. 2 glasses of sugarcane juice at Someshwar Sweet Shop – outside Parali Vaijnath bus depot = Rs. 40
  16. Parali Vaijnath bus depot till Shepwadi, Ambajogai by state transport bus = Rs. 25
  17. Lunch at Hotel Anil, near Panchayat Samiti, Ambajogai = Rs. 325
  18. Kalma Khoya Barfi (half kg) from Shri Yogeshwari Sweet Home (at the entrance gate of Shree Yogeshwari temple) = Rs. 200
  19. *Hurda Party (????? ??????) expenses at Pravin’s farm = Rs. 1,000
  20. Ambajogai bus depot to Sai Chowk, Latur by state government bus = Rs. 75
  21. Sai Chowk, Latur to Latur railway station by auto = Rs. 30
  22. 02208 / LATUR – CSMT (Mumbai) SPL. – sleeper class = Rs. 363.19
  23. Miscellaneous expenses = Rs. 100

My approx. Total Cost for 3 Days Solo Budget Travel to Mumbai-Latur-Ambajogai-Parali Vaijnath (to and fro) tour = Rs. 5692.

That means – 1 day expenses will be Rs. 1,900 approx. which includes Rs. 400 for accommodation, food, Mineral Water and travel etc. etc.

Note: As I am a solo traveler, the cost of accommodation (double-bed), I have to pay but if you are two or more people, accommodation cost will be divided. Accommodation at Shri Yogeshwari Yatri Niwas, Ambajogai is basic, clean and with canteen.

Train travel cost can be cut-down (approx. Rs. 600) if one travel by sleeper class (Mumbai-Latur-Mumbai night journey).

*Hurda Party (????? ??????) at Pravin’s farm (Rs. 1000) was personal expense. That also one can save.

Now its up to you how many days you want to stay in Ambajojgai. I gave you a rough idea about expenses. The journey continues..

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