Ebrahim Currim & Sons – 155 Years Old Umbrella Shop in Mumbai

Recently, during the Mumbai tour, I was in need of an umbrella due to the arrival of rainy weather. But the question was: Where to buy umbrellas in Mumbai? Numerous replies and I selected to visit Ebrahim Currim & Sons – since 1860 having the oldest recorded umbrella in the country.

How to reach?

I reached the shop via Marine Lines railway station.

East side > 20 meters approx. walk towards Churchgate till the Marine Lines flyover > turn left > 150 meters approx. straight walk to cross two red lights to reach Shamaldas Gandhi Marg also known as Princess Street. Left-hand side is the shop with the big display board – Stag Umbrellas.

I purchased two umbrellas. One big umbrella for Rs. 500 and another small one for Rs. 300. No bargain. The price is fixed. The lowest price is Rs. 260/- and the highest is Rs. 800 for an umbrella with 6 months warranty. Umbrella for kids is also there.

Timings: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm (during the rainy season)

There are numerous umbrellas shops here at Shamaldas Gandhi Marg. Some are wholesalers and some are retailers, but a shop since 155 years – That is an achievement. Great find – said I. At the entrance of the shop, it is written: 1860 (Bombay Madras Calicut).

Click to read more.. Click to watch the video. Interesting, isn’t it. It is. Maybe it is the oldest umbrella shop in Mumbai.