Have You Ever Slept on a Railway Platform?

A Man Sleeping Under a Mosquito Net at Bandra Terminus, Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)

This photo was taken at Bandra Terminus in Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Regarding the question: Yes, I slept on a railway platform years ago at a remote railway station.

The reason: Railway Station was approx. 12 km from the town. The last bus from town dropped passengers at that remote railway station – approx. 11 in the night. The train arrival time was at approx. 1 am to continue the journey.

What to do from 11 pm till 1 am?

During those days in India, mobile phone was not that commonly used by common people as it was very expensive.

I used to carry a newspaper to spread it on the railway platform and had a sound sleep for two hours till the train arrived to continue the journey.

This continued on and off for one year. And the best was, I never missed the train.