Ambajogai (Maharashtra) famous – Kalma Khoya Barfi

Shri Yogeshwari Sweet Home, Yogeshwari Temple Entrance Gate, Ambajogai, Maharashtra, India

Pravin – The farmer from Ambajogai enhanced knowledge about Shri Yogeshwari Sweet Home (situated at the entrance gate of Shree Yogeshwari temple) and Ambajogai’s famous – Kalma Khoya Barfi.

Finally, before leaving Ambajogai, I visited the shop and had talks with the shop-owner about the available sweets.

The shop-owner (with a big smile) showed two types of Khoya Barfi – one is with less sugar i.e, Kalma Khoya Barfi (Rs. 400 per kg) and the other one is Plain Khoya Barfi (Rs. 280 per kg) with little extra sugar.

There was Pista Barfi available too for Rs. 320 per kg.

Kalma Khoya Barfi was started by/prepared by shop-owner’s late father years ago.

Why was it named – Kalma?

The shop-owner said – not sure but maybe because father was good at making Kalakand – another mount-watering Indian sweet.

And how old is your shop?

The shop is 100 years old – open at 8 in the morning and close – 8 at night.

I purchased half a kg – Kalma Khoya Barfi for Rs. 200.

Ambajogai (Maharashtra, India) famous Kalma (khoya barfi)

Immediately, I had 4-5 Kalma Khoya Barfi. The flavour was very nice on the tongue, especially because there was less sugar.

I was told by the shop-owner – Kalma Khoya Barfi is only available in his shop, nowhere else.

I hope readers reading will surely have/taste Kalma Khoya Barfi whenever they visit Ambajogai. The journey continues..

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