2021: My Favourite Brief and Vest (for Men) Brand in India

Unlock 2021, and it is time to re-start the journey.

The very first requirement is inner comfort, and it starts with what I wear/carry during the journey.

Brief and Vest – men’s innerwear – The answer and in today’s time – search online.

VAN HEUSEN, JOCKEY, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Rupa, Dollar, VIP, Amazon, Flipkart – The results.

All of them having their own online store, but the requirement was urgent, so I preferred to visit the shop.

Neel Kamal is my favourite shop since ages situated opposite the police station, Andheri East, Mumbai.

Rupa (today the largest knitwear brand in India) was my favourite Brief and Vest brand since my teenage.

But nowadays, Macho is the brand I prefer the most, or I can say easily available at my preferred shop.

As per previous experience, Macho is comfortable/durable/not expensive/100% premium cotton.

This time I purchased 3 Macho Brief and 3 Macho Vest.

And how much I paid – Rs. 738 only/- ($10 approx.)

Macho Stylo Brief – Rs. 112 per Brief and Macho Metro Vest – Rs. 134 per Vest.

The colors for the Brief, I prefer – black, dark blue, dark brown but for the Vest, I prefer – White.

Black and White are one of my favourite colors. I can’t imagine wearing clothes without innerwear.

Anyway, the most essential requirement before the journey is done. I am ready for the journey.