About: Harsiddhi Devi Mandir, Ujjain – A Siddha Shaktipeeth

About: Harsiddhi Devi Mandir, Ujjain – A Siddha Shaktipeeth

Harsiddhi Devi Mandir

This place holds special importance among the ancient temples of Ujjaini. Here the Mother Annapurna is seated between Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati.

Sri Yantra is engraved on a rock in the sanctum sanctorum which is a symbol of Shakti. According to folklore, she was the goddess of worship of King Vikramaditya of Ujjaini. According to Shivpuran, there is a story of Shiva carrying away Sati from the Havan Kund of Daksh Prajapati and the parts of Sati falling at various places in India. This place has been considered as Siddha Shaktipeeth due to her elbow falling there.

According to Skanda Purana, the goddess was called Harsiddhi when she got the power from Shiva to kill the demons named Chand and Mund.

The credit for the reconstruction of the present temple goes to the Marathas. According to Maratha architecture, deep pillars were installed in front of the temple which are decorated with many lamps. There is a stepwell in the south which is a pilgrimage place according to the Puranas. An inscription of 1447 Samvat is also engraved on this stepwell.

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