Kurja Pakshi Vihar Sthal, Khichan Village, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer to Kheechan village, Jodhpur Distane is 173 km approx.

Jaisalmer to Jodhpur journey by hired cab. On the way we stop at Baba Ramdevji temple and 58 km further at Kheechan village to watch Demoiselle Crane – migratory birds also known as Kurjan.

Kurja Pakshi Vihar Sthal is on the left hand side of the village as the car drive within the by lanes. Village children are there to guide you. Large groups of migratory birds never seen before. And to know more a child directed us towards a person – Sevaram.

Sevaram is four time wild life awardee taking care of migratory birds for the last ten years. Marwar Samaj, District Jodhpur honoured him for his selfless services and very recently he is selected for Wild Life warden from Jodhpur. In short crane conservation i.e., Sevaram. He stay near Pakshi Chuga Ghar (feeding home) on the other side of Kheechan village the location of birds at morning hours.

Early morning  Demoiselle Crane – migratory birds fly from salt area for Pakshi Chuga Ghar and late morning hours 11:30 or so they fly to reach two ponds – Vijay Sagar, Ratri Naadi situated at Kurja Pakshi Vihar Sthal, Kheechan village. Five evening hours approx. they again fly back to salt area which is approx. 35 km from Kheechan to stay in the night hours. And again early morning hours for feeding home and then towards two ponds and back to salt area.

Jowar (white millet), Salt, Salt water is birds food. Mostly Jain community/villagers feed birds. Sevaram care for birds including injured ones and take them to Jodhpur hospital if required. He also fight legally if anyone disturb the peace of birds.

07.09.2011 – the date Demoiselle Crane migrated to Kheechan. March end or April first week they will leave finally to be back again in the month of September/October. Sevaram knows so much about birds even the day they arrive at Kheechan. Sevaram is truly one of the true conservationist.

Thank you – said I.

  • Kheechan to Osian Sand Dunes Distance is 74 km approx.

(Jodhpur to Osian Sand Dunes is approx. 70 km via National Highway 65)

  • Kheechan to Jodhpur via Osian Sand Dunes Distance is 149 km approx.

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