How much Laundry Cost Per Item I Paid in Hampi, Karnataka?

Ezra Laundry Service, Virupapur Gaddi (Hampi), Karnataka

Virupapur Gaddi (other side of Hampi across Tungabhadra River) maybe the best location to stay or I can say at least I selected the same. The best about Virupapur Gaddi is all tourist daily requirements are available since early morning till late night hours at various shops and most important – The small location area wise and picturesque.

Laundry was the utmost requirement. Washing clothes was not allowed inside guest house except smaller clothes. We visited one of such makeshift shop – Ezra Laundry Service.

Laundry cost per item – I question.

Rs. 5 for small clothes such as handkerchief, underwear, vest and Rs. 10 for big ones such as trouser, shirt, t-shirt, woolen clothes.

Delivery of clothes?

Next day – He said.

Next day he was prompt. The usual time is 24 hours but even on request within 6 hours clothes are washed, dried and delivered. Excellent isn’t it? Cheap and best for budget travelers. And above all the spirit of work – This too shall pass. Wonderful.

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