About: Dagshai

About: Dagshai (Himachal Pradesh, India)

Dagshai is one of the oldest Cantonment town of District Solan in Himachal Pradesh. This town is situated at 6087 feet above sea level at Kalka-Shimla Highway about 11 km from Solan on a mountain. Dagshai was established in 1847 by East Indian Company by securing five villages from Maharaja of Patiala. The name of villages are Dabbi, Bughtiala, Chunawag, Jawag and Dagshai.

New Cantonment name was named upon Dagshai village because as per tactical war it was important.

As per famous local legend the name of Dagshai was derived from the word ‘Daag-e-Shahi. It is believed during Mughal era prisoners head were marked by hot iron and they were kept in Dagshai Village.

Important Tourist Places in Dagshai
Museum, Dagshai Central Jail, Cemeteries, Army Public School, Catholic Church