Chole Bhature – Famous Punjabi Dish I had at Ambala Cantt Junction in Haryana

It was late afternoon hours, and I was empty stomach since morning except a few cups of tea and a few cups of ice-cream. The fellow passenger was talking about good food at the Ambala Cantt Junction. After a few hours, when the train had a few minutes stoppage, I saw a fellow passenger walking cautiously having both hands full with Chole Kulche.

Mouth-watering. I inquire too.

Rs. 30 per plate, but then little far I saw garma garam ‘Chole Bhature’ and the interest was shifted. I requested for one plate. Rs. 30/- The reply. Paid.

Three Bhature, One plate of Chole with onions and a green chilli on top. What more I can ask for?

Delicious in taste. Stomach full. Snacks or Meals?

Whatever the answer is, but yes, stomach was full. Ambala Cantt Junction is having good hot, delicious ‘Chole Bhature’. Will remember always. The journey continues..

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