Mazar E Maisaheba (Hajani Dargah), Dandi (Navsari), Gujarat

Mazar E Maisaheba (Hajani Dargah), Dandi (Navsari), Gujarat, India

Dawoodi Bohras, Mazar E Maisaheba also known as Hajani Dargah is situated behind Saifee Villa (Gandhi Memorial Museum) at Dandi, Gujarat. Upon request, Shabbir the manager of the trust narrated the History of Mazar E Maisaheba (Hajani Dargah) as follows:

About 500-550 years ago, Hajani Bibi and her daughter – Fatima Bibi was returning via ship from Mecca, Saudi Arabia after attending Hajj.

Unfortunately, the ship drowned in Arabian Sea due to storm. Nobody survived but Hajani Bibi and her daughter – Fatima Bibi body was found at the shore of Dandi beach. This is the mazar/dargah of them.

There are three more tombs. One is of Ratan Aai who died while going to Mumbai approx. 200 years ago and two more of caretakers.

During Urs, there is festival. There is a provision of accommodation and food also but only for Dawoodi Bohras.

Shabbir asked me, if I wish to have food. Thank you – said I. The journey continues..

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