A Brief History of Kumbharia Jain Temples

A Brief History of Kumbharia Jain Temples, Ambaji, Gujarat, India

1) Kumbharia Teerath is located in the middle of the Arasur mountains and there are marble mines around it. That’s why the original name of the village was Aarasan Nagar. Thereafter, after the name of Kumbha Rajput of Mewar, it was named Kumbharia after the 17th century. 2) Here the very ancient grand Panch Jinalaya-like samples of art adorned in the midst of mountains 1) Neminatha Bhagwan 2) Shantinath Bhagwan 3) Mahavira Swami Bhagwan 4) Parshvanatha Bhagwan and 5) Sambhavnatha Bhagwan is adorned. The specialty of these temples is that their faces are north facing. 3) The first of the Jinalayas, the temple of Moolnayak Neminath Bhagwan is said to have been built by Vimal Shah in Samvat 1088 and the remaining four Jinalayas are said to have been built in the era of Vastupal-Tejpal. 4) In Samvat 1356, Alauddin Khilji‘s brother Ulugh Khan invaded Gujarat, then the idols of enthroned Prabhuji were uplifted and stored in these Jinalaya whose condition and location are not known yet. During the Muslim invasion, the work of Jinalayo was broken and the city was destroyed. Thereafter these temples were renovated with the expenditure of lakhs of rupees.