View of Paradise Beach from Redi Fort, Redi Village, Vengurla

View of Paradise Beach from Redi Fort, Redi Village, Vengurla (Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India)

How far is Paradise beach from Fort Tiracol?

The question was asked by a tourist while I sipping Hot Chocolate at Fort Tiracol.

Paradise beach??? – I was surprised. No matter how many cups (Hot Chocolate) I had till-date the knowledge about Goa or nearby is still less. Anyways, the raised question was a piece of knowledge, and I pass the same towards the staff of Fort Tiracol.

7 – 8 km towards Maharashtra.

(Fort Tiracol is very near to the Maharashtra border)

Thank you – said I.

And very soon we towards the paradise beach but before I narrate more the road-distance since early in the morning:

Mapusa Bus-Stand – Kerim beach via Siolim/Chopda/Mandrem/Harmal – 42 km approx.

(Fort Tiracol is on the other side of Kerim beach. One has to cross the Tiracol river by a jetty. It is free for motorbikes/people but for cars, there is a charge – may be Rs. 10 but not sure. After crossing the river you can reach Fort Tiracol)

Anyways, coming back to the story – 40 kmph is the speed most probably and I am in search of Paradise.

4 km of straight drive from the fort and a left turn. The same question towards a local another 3 km drive but no – I was at Redi port. Redi port is a location that is somewhat related to the loading of iron ore but yes, the question about Paradise beach was not yet answered. I inquired and a villager showed me Paradise beach – The far another side.

But how to reach?

U-turn and first left.

No problem – said I. U-turn And first left – approx. 1 km and again, no, we are wrong again – Redi beach if not Paradise.

But yes, a few local fishermen were present, and one of them showed us Paradise beach just opposite. One has to hire a boat – Charges Rs. 200 for two people. The boatman will drop us on the other side as there is a sea backwater present between Redi beach and Paradise beach and will wait till we come back, but yes, one can visit by road – a long drive he said. The boat was ready and the boatman too, but we did not as the desire was to reach by road.

How long? The obvious question – The distance by road?

Maybe 7-8 km. Ok – said I and a request for naariyal paani (coconut water). The water tastes fantastic – fresh from the local village – Rs. 30 per coconut and another useful piece of information – Redi fort is just 10 meters away. A guide was present, and we walked on a narrow path within bushes. Almost a jungle all-around. A few steps and the fort was visible.

Old-very Old. The thick walls and as per the guide, the fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj. Nobody was present inside. Purely natural surroundings. A huge well and a huge entrance – Shivaji dwaar (gate).

And very soon we were on top of the fort watching again the Paradise beach. Lovely it is.

I assume the old days when kings and soldiers used to watch the Arabian sea from the top of the fort – live life king-size they say. Few photographs and the end of the tour. Saurabh – The guide. Rs. 150 for two tourists – paid. Without a guide, maybe it is impossible to walk inside because, first, the fort isn’t visible from far, and second it is almost a little jungle inside.

And guidance – how to reach Paradise beach?

U-turn and we towards Shiroda bypass.

Redi-fort > Shiroda bypass (7 km)

Shiroda bypass left-turn > Paradise beach (2 km)

They say: Paradise beach is very good for swimming and very few people are present – a long stretch of sand. Where it ends was unimaginable. A local enhanced knowledge: The beach turns inside before the hill you are watching and goes far inside. It is very very far if you are planning to walk. I dropped the idea and after a few meters of a walk and the journey ended, but the question remained answered – How far is Paradise beach from fort Tiracol?

Fort Tiracol > Redi turn left (4km)

(turn to visit Redi fort/beach if you wish to visit. If not, continue driving straight)

Redi turn left > Shiroda bypass (3 km)

Shiroda bypass > Paradise beach (2 km)

Redi Fort till Paradise beach is 9 km (approx.)

Fort Tiracol till Paradise beach is 9 km (approx.)

Paradise beach is in Vengurla town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra.