Sagareshwar Beach, Vengurla

Sagareshwar Beach, Vengurla (Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India)

Sagareshwar beach is in Vengurla town in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra.

I was not aware of Sagareshwar beach till I reached Vengurla Bander while driving from Keri village, Tiracol, and a visit to Vengurla Point Lighthouse (visible from Sagareshwar beach).

Paradise Beach is 9km approx. from Tiracol Fort – visited but a quest within, as I read somewhere about Vengurla beach close-by, and curiosity was existing to visit it. The next day I planned to visit though it could be visited the same day if I had prior knowledge. Anyways, again at Shiroda bypass via Keri village – Tiracol but this time not a left-turn towards Paradise beach but straight towards the search of Vengurla beach while asking villagers passing by.

Shiroda bypass > Vengurla Bander (17.5 km) approx.

You must be wondering why Vengurla Bander because the motorbike drive ends up at Vengurla Bander, if not Vengurla beach while passing through villages – ups-n-downs of forest hilly region. At Bander (port) there are only rocks around the seashore. Earlier days there was a port (Bander) existing for ships as said by a local but nowadays evening hours fishermen boats are present, and a small wholesale fish market you can say but yes, Navabaugh beach and Sagareshwar beach on the other side. And another piece of information is to visit Vengurla Point Lighthouse which was right there on top of the hill.

I on-the-way – 250 plus steps. The in-charge or the officer on duty was present. He permitted to visit inside to have a view from the top – miles of sea-area And Niuti rock (narrated by a local to watch) far visible – high-rise huge rocks within the sea. Maybe I guess those rocks are much closer to Tarkali/Tarkali beach – another tourist spot – maybe I will visit one day.

Anyway, please note:

Vengurla Point Lighthouse Timings: 4 pm-5 pm only – a board displaying rules & regulations

And finally, I am towards Sagareshwar beach – visible from the top.

U-turn – approx. 4.5 km drive – Vengurla Bunder to Sagareshwar beach.

It is up to you to visit the beach maybe while coming via Shiroda bypass > Sagareshwar beach (13.5 km) approx. or maybe while going back after visiting the lighthouse.

A display board of MTDC Resort and I enter the lane to reach Sagareshwar Beach. Lord Shiva temple is just before the beach and while following the outer wall of the temple I saw MTDC resort though no tourist was present and then Sagareshwar beach.

I was only present, maybe that is why we call Virgin beach I guess. I stayed there for about half an hour but yes, no shacks, nothing just you and nature all-around – wonderful. Yes, Vengurla Point lighthouse is visible on the right-side visible far within the image. Must visit the beach for sure.

Any other interesting knowledge to visit?

I ask myself and then a local – Yes, the reply.

Lord Ganesha temple, Redi

As Redi village was on the way back towards Tiracol – Kerim beach, I decided to visit for prayers & peace.

Shiroda bypass > Redi right-turn (3 km) approx.

And another 3.5 km inside the village to reach the Lord Ganesha temple.

A real-life story as told by Sachin Kambli/Sandesh Kambli present within the temple area:

18 April 1976 – Shree Sadanand Nagesh Kambli had a dream about Lord Ganesha’s idol present around Nagolewadi, Redi. After one and a half months of search, the Lord Ganesha idol was found, and a temple was built. Till today Shree Nagesh himself visits the temple in the morning hours, and prayers are done. The specialty about the temple is Lord Ganesha having two hands – mostly four hands or more Lord Ganesha idols we find within temples.

Prayers And donations

And U-turn towards Tiracol – Kerim beach.

Lord Ganesha temple, Redi till Fort Tiracol is 7.5 km approx.

In short: Kerim beach up to Vengurla Point Lighthouse, Vengurla Bander can be visited in one day while visiting Tiracol fort, Lord Ganesha temple, Redi, Redi fort, Paradise beach, Sagareshwar beach. What say?