Restaurants in and around Paharganj, New Delhi

Breakfast at Club India Cafe & Restaurant, Main Market, Paharganj, New Delhi

American Breakfast at Club India Cafe & Restaurant (Roof Top), Main Bazaar, Paharganj, N. Delhi

During recent visit to New Delhi, I decided to stay in and around Paharganj opposite the New Delhi Railway Station. Main Bazaar and Arakashan road two major choices, and I selected Main Bazaar.

Morning hours I was hungry and in search of breakfast though the hotel I was staying having room service for breakfast, lunch, dinner, but I skipped it. I visited roof top restaurant, Club India Cafe & Restaurant, Main Bazaar, Paharganj.

As per query they said they are open from 8 morning till 10:30 at night, and as per menu they serve Indian, Continental, Chinese, Japanese, Israeli, Tibetan food and many more. I request about their breakfast specialty. American Breakfast was the reply. I order.

Yes, breakfast was nice and the view of Paharganj – lovely. I paid Rs. 135/-. This restaurant is one of the suggestions if you are not having issues with the roof-top restaurant because it is on the 3rd floor though they have another restaurant at 2nd floor, but that is not a garden.

Afternoon hours, and I inquire with the hotel reception to suggest a restaurant for lunch. He said: Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian. I said Vegetarian. Tadka was the recommendation.

Tadka is near by Club India Cafe & Restaurant. The major difference is Club India Cafe & Restaurant is on the top floor with a garden and Tadka is on the ground floor air-conditioned. It opens at 12 afternoon and closes by 10:30 night and serves Indian food as well as Burger, Pizza, Sandwich, Macaroni, Pasta, Lasagna, Thali, Chinese, Beverages, Porridge etc. etc. I order Kadai Panner, Tandoori Roti with butter on top and a cup of Hot Chocolate. Rs. 180/- I paid. Paintings on wall, quotes written, owner caring, food less spicy though the order was spicy Kadai Paneer. This will be another suggestion if you are a vegetarian.

And I want to mention Nirulas, N Block, Outer Circle, Connaught Place for non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian. Next day for lunch I had a visit at Nirulas and ordered Non-Veg. Thali. Rs. 169 I paid. Food quality-excellent and service time – quick.

And for dinner, Cafe Nirvana, Main Bazaar, Paharganj. They serve Italian, Indian, English/French Breakfast, Continental, Muesli, Spagetti, Nepali Thali and more. Open at 8 am till 10:30 pm. Cheese Roasted Garlic Bread Salad, one Egg Noodles, One milk coffee and I mineral water I ordered. And not to forget, they play music live by a small energetic musical band between 7:30-10:30 night. Rs. 245 I paid. The best thing about them, they are on the first floor and if you sit close to the balcony, you can watch Paharganj street always busy.

In short, suggestions are for Club India Cafe & Restaurant, Tadka, Cafe Nirvana. All three are within 200 meters to each other and if not, these suggestions little away from Paharganj approx. 1 km away, what better than visiting the Connaught Place area. Nirulas, Haldiram, Cafe Coffee Day, Costa, street food, plenty of options at Connaught Place outer as well as inner circle. Saravana Bhawan at Connaught Place another very good one. I saw a queue waiting. Maybe next time.

When I visit a restaurant, I prefer the location, ambiance, cleanliness, food presentation, quality of food, less spicy, not expensive, quick and caring service, and I found all such within above suggested restaurant. And many times if a restaurant is very old, serving happy customers for long long years I just enter to have food. What do you prefer?

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