How much I Paid for Studds Motorcycle Helmet?

Chandigarh is one such beautiful planned city where helmet for pillion-rider is a must. Studds is one such company I only think of if I have to purchase helmet. Though Royal Enfield helmets are also available at RE showrooms these days but I find them costly as per my budget but yes, desire is there to buy one such helmet written on top Royal Enfield. Maybe one day.

Anyway in search of Studds helmet I inquire with few vendors selling helmets at makeshift shops in Chandigarh but failed as they were not having Studds products. Finally we reach sector 17 and from there a walk of 1.5 km approx. to reach sector 21 to find a fantastic store having hundreds of helmets in display. I saw few other brands helmets also but I purchased finally Ninja Pastel Plain – Flip Up and how much I paid? – Rs. 1220/- only.

And memory rewind and I remember about the cost of helmet I purchased from Mumbai in the year March, 2010 and how much I paid? – Rs. 1040/- only. So in short in last five years for the same helmet not too much price increase. Fantastic – said I.

Thank you Studds.

I decided to change the glass of old helmet from the same shop and how much I paid? Rs. 200/- only including fitting charges. How much I paid last time for the glass change? Rs. 180/- only two years ago. Fantastic this too. I am happy with both cost I paid.

Anyway, if you are in search of good helmet I will suggest visit:

New Scooter Centre, Sector 21-C, Chandigarh, Punjab.

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