Aloo Pyaz Paratha with White Butter as Breakfast

Aloo Pyaz Paratha with White Butter as Breakfast

During our first day tour to attend Kila Raipur Sports Festival 2015 we stop for breakfast at ‘Mittran Da Dhaba‘ situated on left side of Chandigarh Ludhiana road (NH 95) approx. 30 km from Mohali.

We opted for open air seating arrangement because morning weather was too cold but the Sun was out. We requested for breakfast.

Chas was served in a jug to drink as much as one can and after few minutes Aloo Pyaz Paratha was served with white butter in a bowl. The amount of white butter was amazing. It was one full bowl for one person. White butter specially homemade – personal favorite.

In short the breakfast was hot and delicious. I always request for little more onions in Paratha. And how much I paid?

Rs. 160/- for two people. Aloo Pyaz Paratha Rs. 20/-each. White Butter – Rs. 20/- per bowl. We had tea also after the breakfast.

Dhabas are the best in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi. During road tour to stop specially during winter time to have even a cup of tea is luxury. Many dhabas you will find displaying proudly famous personalities photos at the entrance gate. Maybe sometime they have stopped too. Mittran Da Dhaba is displaying few prominent personalities such as Navjot Singh Sindhu and Harbhajan Mann.