Which is The Best Royal Enfield Service Centre in Rishikesh?

As per my experience – Lucky Motors & Friends Enfield House is the best Royal Enfield service/repair center in Rishikesh.

I have been to many Royal Enfield service centers (authorized/non-authorized) across India, Rishikesh is one of the locations where I found three guys very helpful and i.e., Lucky, Pramod and Vicky. The trio – Lucky, Pramod, and Vicky are the guys whom I can fully trust for my Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc repair or service.

The best about these guys is that since my first visit 10 years back till date I stick with them for my motorbike for any repair or service in Rishikesh. Their work was always very good with always the right advice and for any work to be outsourced (seat-cover) they will always share the best places. I personally find Pramod (17 years of experience) – The mechanic very knowledgeable.

Lucky Motors is located at Kailash Gate, Opp. Omkarananda School, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Friends Enfield House (25 years old) is located at Koyal Ghati, Akhand Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

I would recommend Lucky Motors/Friends Enfield House to get your RE motorbike serviced especially if you’re a true hardcore RE lover.

Here I would love to tell you that Lucky (0-98372 43668) and Vicky (0-98378 50349) are brothers who learned Royal Enfield motorbike repair/service from his father (popularly known as Billa) who is currently 65 years old having 45 years of RE repair/service experience.

Friends Enfield House is no doubt, the best bike service/repair workshop in Rishikesh started by Mr. Billa ages ago now managed by Vicky.

Vicky and Lucky both are having 20+ years of experience in Royal Enfield motorbike repair/service.

The oldest Royal Enfield motorbike serviced by Vicky is from the year 1962.

Lucky also conduct Ladakh tour. He also participated in ‘Raid De Himalaya’ contest and won it.

10 years back I remember my Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc was having a wobble issue. I consult Vicky and he advised me to change the swing arm bush and to date, after that, I never faced a wobble issue.

The trio says – We at Rishikesh request you to let the Friends Enfield House/Lucky Motors serve you. We provide branded Royal Enfield spare parts. No compromise in quality.

Yes, I agree – said I.

Name One of The Best Royal Enfield Mechanics in Mumbai?

Name One of The Best Royal Enfield Mechanics in Mumbai?

I question Irfan Pathan (0-89766 81820) – a Royal Enfield mechanic himself, having more than 20+ years of experience, servicing my RE Thunderbird 350 since 2010.

Anthony (0-98691 67968) at Santacruz is one of the best Royal Enfield Mechanics in Mumbai. You will find a quality service there.

Anthony (64 years old) is originally from Trichur district, Kerala having 45 years of Royal Enfield servicing experience.

1974 Anthony arrived in Mumbai. At that time he was 16-17 years old. He learned Royal Enfield mechanic job from his cousin’s brother.

1979 Anthony started his own workshop. The current service workshop was started in 1985.

Chotu (0-98191 69976) is his helping hand for the last 31 years.

Anthony has a RE workshop near the aeroplane garden close to the traffic lights (Bandh More) inside a narrow lane. He is excellent for any type of Royal Enfield motorbike work. He does re-modeling too. He is purely a Royal Enfield specialist.

Anthony Auto Works Timings: 9 am – 6 pm (Sunday closed).

The best thing about Anthony is that he knows his job very well and is a very down-to-earth person and economical.

Anthony’s personal favorites are the lightweight extremely quick Royal Enfield motorbikes that he re-model.

Anthony has won multiple awards for re-modeling the quickest Royal Enfield motorbikes.

By 2014, his creations won him several accolades.

Anthony believes his bike is the fastest Royal Enfield motorcycle in India. He plans to set a new benchmark in the races to come.

Anthony has a record of 156 km per hour Royal Enfield motorbike speed in 13.36 seconds.

The oldest Royal Enfield motorbike he serviced is from the year 1952.

(Irfan Pathan also has serviced the 1960 Royal Enfield motorbike)

Great information. Thank you, Irfan. Will try to visit Anthony for my next RE service. Now I have two experienced Royal Enfield mechanics for my Thunderbird 350. One is Anthony and the second is you. I am more than happy. Thanks again.