About: Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal

Entrance Gate of Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal (Ambajogai, Maharashtra, India)


Stairs leading to Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal (Ambajogai, Maharashtra, India)

Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal (Ambajogai, Maharashtra, India)

True Life Story of Shri Mukundraj & Jayatpal - Part 1

True Life Story of Shri Mukundraj & Jayatpal - Part 2

True Life Story of Shri Mukundraj & Jayatpal - Part 3

True Life Story of Shri Mukundraj & Jayatpal - Part 4

True Life Story of Shri Mukundraj and Jayatpal

This is the story of mighty king Jayatpal who ruled Ambapur around the year 950. He had the desire to see Bramhaswaroop, the supreme form of God. He would welcome every sadhu coming to Ambapur nagari and show due respect with their puja. After this, he would request the sadhus to show him Bramhaswaroop. When the sadhus could not do it, the king would become furious. He would imprison them and put them under extreme hardship. He would make them dig a pond (on the north side of Ambapur) during the day and grind grains for horses during the night. Due to this the sadhus were scared and avoided coming to Ambapur. The news spread as far as the holy place of Kashi. Shri Mukundraj was studying yog and various rituals in Kashi. He had written many spiritual books such as Shri Viveksindhu, Parmamrit, Pavanvijay during this period. He requested his Guru (teacher) to give him permission to go to Ambapur and help the sadhus. Shri Mukundraj reached Ambapur and saw the sadhus digging the pond. He took the form of a small boy and started chanting the name of Narayan. The guards were enchanted by his form and advised him not to enter Ambapur. They feared that the king would treat him like the other sadhus. Shri Mukundraj ignored them and went straight to meet the king. As usual, the king welcomed him and asked him to show Bramhaswaroop. Shri Mukundraj asked the king to mount his horse. He asked the king to step into the saddle and said that before he puts his feet into the second saddle, he will be able to see the Supreme form of God. As the king mounted the horse, Shri Mukundraj whipped the king and the horse. The king, along with his horse, froze and stood still for 7 days. On the eighth day, Shri Mukundraj broke the spell and the king was back to normal. He asked the king if he was able to see Bramhaswaroop. The king fell to his feet and said that all his desires were fulfilled. He regretted his wrong deeds and as advised by Shri Mukundraj, released all the sadhus. Shri Mukundraj also started back to Kashi, but the king followed him wherever he went. Shri Mukundraj hurried and at the banks of Jayawanti river, he took a leap over the ravine and disappeared. The king followed, but he fell into the river along with his horse and was drowned. This place is now called ‘Ghod-danda’. The followers of Shri Mukundraj, made his Samadhi at the place where he disappeared. This is a very beautiful place. The hill is carved to create the temple. There are stairs from the top of the hill, going down to the Samadhi. Near the Samadhi there is a natural spring. When we go further down, we reach the Jayawanti river. One can also see the Ghod-danda pool. It is very deep. This place is very beautiful during the rains. On the opposite side, in the hills, is a holy place called Butenath. Here many medicinal herbs grow naturally. During the Hindu month of Ashwin, people visit this place to collect the medicinal herbs. These herbs are very effective and popular among people.

(Marathi to English language translation by Rahul Patil – a friend from Pune, Maharashtra)

The question: How to reach Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal, Ambajogai, Maharashtra?

I, from Yogeshwari Yatri Niwas (approx. 1 km from Ambajogai Bus Depot) reach Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal as a pillion rider via Pravin’s motorbike – a farmer from Ambajogai but was told by a local person present at the samadhi sthal that State Transport bus from Ambajogai Bus Depot is available for Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal or one can hire an entire auto to reach.

Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal is at a distance of 5 km to the northwest of Shri Yogeshwari Devi temple.

Walking to and fro is also a good option because the landscape is interesting to watch.

Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal Opening time: 6 in the morning and Closing time: 6 in the evening.

Saphala Ekadashi (9th January, 2021) is the day when the fair is organized at the entrance of Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal.

Aadesh was present at Adyakavi Shri Mukundraj Swami Samadhi Sthal. Upon query, he enhanced knowledge.

How I reach Parali Vaijnath from Ambajogai (to and fro)?

After having breakfast at Yogeshwari Yatri Niwas, Ambajogai (where I stayed) at 9 am, I started my journey to Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple, Parali Vaijnath.

9:15 am I was at Ambajogai Bus Depot.

9:30 am Latur – Parbhani bus (state transport) arrived.

This bus will travel via Parali Vaijnath.

Ambajogai to Parali Vaijnath distance – 24 km

Ambajogai to Parali Vaijnath bus fare – Rs. 30.

10:15 am reached Parali Vaijnath bus depot.

Autos were parked outside Parali Vaijnath bus depot. I enquire – How much auto fare for Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple?

Rs. 30 – He said and I was on the way towards Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple.

10/15 minutes (maximum 2 km) auto ride and I reached Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple.

The camera was not allowed inside the temple. Deposited for Rs. 10 at cloakroom situated next to SBI ATM within temple-area.

As there were very less devotees present, by 10:55 am visit in-around temple-area was completed.

Back to the cloakroom to take back the camera and then inside an auto for Parali Vaijnath bus depot.

This time from Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling Temple till Parali Vaijnath bus depot, auto fare – I paid – Rs. 20 only.

After reaching Parali Vaijnath bus depot, I saw Someshwar Sweet Shop outside the bus depot, selling sugarcane juice.

Had two glasses of sugarcane juice. Rs. 20 per glass – paid.

11:25 am re-started journey from Parali Vaijnath bus depot till Shepwadi, AmbajogaiRs. 25 – bus fare paid.

12: 15 noon reached Shepwadi, Ambajogai. Thoroughly happy with the journey.

How I reach Ambajogai from Mumbai via Latur (to and fro)?

Dahi Poha at Appa Stall opposite Ambajogai Bus Depot, Maharashtra

I was invited by Pravin – a farmer from *Ambajogai (Maharashtra) to visit his Shepwadi farm to join hurda party.

*famous for Shri Yogeshwari Mata Mandir

As it will be a new experience, I immediately said – Yes, I am coming.

The day of the hurda party was not too far, I checked Mumbai to Ambajogai travel options.

  1. There were evening A/C Sleeper buses available via redBus from Mumbai to Ambajogai.
  2. There was night train from Mumbai to Latur and from Latur to Ambajogai by bus.

As it was a long bus journey more than 10 hours, I opted for night train journey.

First, I tried to book 02043 / CSMT BIDR SPL. sleeper class train ticket via irctc.co.in.

Few Sleeper berth were available but the talks between Pravin and myself about – How to reach Ambajogai from Mumbai? Where to stay in Ambajogai? – took time and sleeper berth was fully booked.

What next?

AC 3 Tier (3A) ticket was available – immediately booked.

Rs. 940.89 – paid.

530 KM and journey hours: 9 hours 25 minutes.

Note: There is Latur and Latur Road. Book your train ticket from Mumbai till Latur to reach Ambajogai.

The best was – I received SMS in the evening hours, stating – Your ticket has been upgraded to the higher class and you are allowed to travel in the higher class without paying any extra cost.

I with a very happy heart reached Dadar railway station (central-Line, platform no. 4) to board the train.

Train was on-time and super clean (including toilet).

By 10 pm train reached Kalyan station. It was time for dinner.

I had homemade dry green chickpeas (???? ??? ???) and rotis (round flatbread) and went for sound sleep with a sheet I was carrying.

Note: Earlier, Indian Railways used to provide bed sheets, blankets,s and pillows in air-conditioned coaches but this time may be due to COVID-19 pandemic, it was not provided. No complain.

Anyway, 6:25 am was the right-time for train to reach Latur and it was on-time.

After getting down from the train, I walk outside Latur railway station.

Autos and Buses were parked. I enquired with a bus about – How to reach Ambajogai?

I was told that the bus going towards Golai will drop you at New Bus Stand, Latur and from there, there are buses for Ambajogai.

I enter the bus and had a seat. Rs. 7 the bus fare from Latur railway station till Juna RP Nak.

The bus soon started and only after 10 minutes ride stopped at a cross-road.

Force Trax Cruiser was parked. The driver of the jeep was waiting for passengers for Ambajogai.

Force Trax Cruiser at Ambajogai, Maharashtra

About 12 passengers hired the vehicle including myself and soon we were towards Ambajogai.

Latur to Ambajogai via Force Trax Cruiser? – Rs. 70 fare per passenger.

The road condition was very good except few patches as road-construction work was going-on.

Within one hour we reached Ambajogai Bus Depot.

I remember, Pravin suggested to have Dahi-Poha at Appa stall (since 20 years – the first one near bus depot) opposite Ambajogai bus depot.

As there were two stalls both selling Dahi-Poha, I enquired about Appa and was at the correct stall.

Two plates of Dahi-Poha I had. Rs. 15 per plate. It was delicious though the shop is make-shift.

Now the urge was to have tea. Near-by, opposite Paradise lodging and bar there was a tea-stall. Had two cups of tasty tea.

And finally reached Pravin’s Shepwadi farm (3/4 km) via auto by paying Rs. 70.

Most of the auto wala’s were asking for Rs. 100 – maybe because the road construction work was going on and there were no passengers available. Bus I was not aware but later, I discovered that buses to Parli (famous for Shree Vaijnath Jyotirling) pass nearby Pravin’s farm.

Anyway, for return journey, I had already booked 02208 / LATUR CSMT SPL. sleeper class. Rs. 363.19 – paid.

Latur- Mumbai train departure time was at 10:30 pm and the last bus from Ambajogai bus depot to Latur railway station was at 8 pm. That means maximum by 9:30 pm I will reach Latur railway station.

There is one more option: from Royal Bakery (near Sawarkar Chowk – nearby bus depot), Ambajogai, you can hire sharing jeep for Latur railway station but only if there are 10-12 passengers present or if you hire an entire jeep for your journey.

Anyway, I had talks with Yogeshwari Yatri Niwas (where I stayed) care-taker Mukesh.

I was suggested to leave Ambajogai around 6 pm to reach Latur railway station early because if last bus from Ambajogai had any mechanical issue on the way then you will not find any other vehicle on highway to reach Latur railway station. Don’t take risk – He suggested.

As per advise, I reached Ambajogai bus depot around 6 pm and board bus that was going to Latur. I was told, the bus will drop you at Sai Chowk, Latur and from there hire an auto that will drop you at Latur railway station –  3 km maximum.

Ambajogai bus depot to Sai Chowk, Latur bus fare – Rs. 75.

The bus reached Sai Chowk, Latur within one hour and from there I hired a sharing auto for Rs. 30 (bargain) for Latur railway station.

The train was already parked but I have to wait for door to open. What to do till 10:30 pm?

I decided to charge mobile battery and have a walk around Latur railway station.

It was clean and there was separate way for person with disabilities, free vehicle for disable and older people, free RailWire Wi-Fi, ???? (couplet) by Kabir Das, Rahim Das and many more..

About - God's Love (Latur railway station, Maharashtra)About - Good Books (Latur railway station, Maharashtra)About - Laziness, The Biggest Enemy (Latur railway station, Maharashtra)Kabir Das ke Dohe (Latur railway station, Maharashtra)Rahim Das ke Dohe (Latur railway station, Maharashtra)Finally, around 10 pm train doors were opened.

The train left Latur railway station on time i.e., 10:30 pm reached Dadar next day morning around 7:45 am.

As Mumbai local train for general public was allowed only from 12 noon due to pandemic, I hired a taxi to reach home.

The journey from Mumbai to Ambajogai via Latur (to and fro) was very comfortable. Thoroughly  enjoyed.

Hurray!!! – My 3A Train Ticket (Mumbai-Latur) Upgraded to 2A

Recently, I was invited by Pravin – a farmer from Ambajogai (Maharashtra) to visit his farm to join hurda party.

As it will be a new experience, I immediately said – Yes, I am coming.

The day of the hurda party was not too far, I checked options of traveling to Ambajogai from Mumbai.

A/C Sleeper (2+1) night buses were available via redBus but as the journey was between 12 – 15 hours, I thought of journey via night train from Mumbai to Latur (530KM / 9 hours 25 minutes) and then from Latur to Ambajogai by bus.

02043 / CSMT BIDR SPL – few Sleeper berths were available but the conversation between Pravin and myself about – How to reach Ambajogai? Where to stay in Ambajogai? – took time and Sleeper berth was fully booked.

What next? – I want a confirmed train ticket.

AC 3 Tier Train Ticket from C SHIVAJI MAH T (CSMT), Mumbai till LATUR (LUR) was available.

I immediately reserved it via irctc.co.in

Rs. 940.89 – paid.

Train scheduled departure time was at 9:00 pm from C SHIVAJI MAH T (CSMT), Mumbai.

At 5:32 pm I received an SMS stating – Your ticket has been upgraded to the higher class and you are allowed to travel in the higher class without paying any extra cost.


I was very much happy-happy.

If I remember correctly, this was the third time – ticket up-gradation to higher class is happening in the last 10+ years of the journey by train.

Note: The fare from Mumbai-Latur AC 2 Tier (2A) train ticket is approx. Rs. 1250. During booking train ticket via irctc.co.in, under Other Preferences, there is an option to Select – Consider for Auto Upgradation.

Though I started traveling via Sleeper berth years ago but then during summer days, due to hot & humid weather, I selected journey via AC 2 Tier berth but as the weather is good nowadays, I opted for Sleeper berth again. As a Sleeper berth was not available, I have to buy AC 3 Tier Train Ticket but never imagined a 3A ticket will be upgraded to 2A.

Thank you Indian Railways. Thank you very much.

Not to forget – The train was on-time and super clean (including the toilet). Thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Where to Buy Royal Enfield Genuine Motorcycle Accessories/Parts – Online/Store?

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 right-hand side rear view mirror was broken due to an accident that happened a few weeks back in Mumbai.

The motorbike was (maybe) hit by another vehicle from behind or left side or maybe I lost control from handlebar (though I drive below 40 kmph), still not sure – What actually happened? How I was lying on the road? But I had a right-side ribs injury. Recovering fast – not to worry.

Anyway, I enquired with a Royal Enfield Authorized service center about Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 right-side rear view mirror availability and was told that the cost of a single rear-view mirror would be approx. 300 but – not available.

What to do next? Motorbike driving without a rear view mirror is not easy.

I contacted Sharda Motors And Sons in Goregaon West, Mumbai. Though he is not Royal Enfield authorized service center, but takes care of servicing of all Royal Enfield motorbikes (new and old models) and also sells genuine Royal Enfield Accessories/Parts.

Original Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 Mirror Set was available.

I immediately reached and purchased the Rear View Mirror Set for Thunderbird 350 for Rs. 462. Paid – Rs. 500 (including fitting charges).

If I remember correctly, this is the second time since 2010 (bike purchasing year) I am replacing the rear view mirror.

And the make was/is SLD – nicely packed in a Royal Enfield carton box. PART NO: 597382 mentioned, Packed Date – mentioned (02/2015).

Note: Rear View Mirror original is a SET of two mirrors.

But today, when I searched Google – ‘Royal Enfield Thunderbird Part No. 597382’ – the result was cheaper than what I paid.

Customise Ride from Mohali, Punjab offering the same original rear view mirror SET (make – SLD) for RE Thunderbird for Rs. 457.38.

Now what I have learned – search Google also because google may find you cheaper rates for Royal Enfield original accessories/parts.

What say? Do you search online also for Royal Enfield Accessories/Parts or not before visiting the store?

I suggest: Please search online also with the part number – results will be different.

My 4 days Total Expenses for Mumbai-Shirdi-Shanishingnapur Solo Travel (to and fro)?

The question is: How many days are good enough for Mumbai-ShirdiShanishingnapur (to and fro) tour?

The answer is *Two days minimum. Maximum is up to you. I stayed in Shirdi for 4 days.

*one day for Shirdi/nearby popular tourist places and one day for the Shirdi-Shanishingnapur-Shirdi journey.

And the 4 days’ total expenses for Mumbai-Shirdi-Shani Shingnapur (to and fro) solo tour is as below:

  1. Mumbai to Shirdi journey by BharatBenz Bus (A/C 26 Seater 2+1) – Rs. 550 + Rs. 25 (Tea) + Rs. 40 (ice-cream) = Rs. 615
  2. Accommodation (A/C double-bed) at Shirdi for 4 days – Rs. 800 (per day) x 4 = Rs. 3,200
  3. Morning tea for 4 days at Yewale Amruttulya and Shree Sai Baba Sansthan Trust, Canteen = Rs. 125
  4. Coconut Water (Rs. 50) and Street Food Breakfast (Rs. 50) for 4 days at Shirdi = Rs. 250
  5. Dinner + Mineral Water + Tea (for 4 days at Hotel) = Rs. 730
  6. Shaving (Rs. 40) + Head Massage (Rs. 50) at Shirdi = Rs. 90
  7. Hired an Auto Rickshaw to visit Popular Tourist Places in around Shirdi (Almost 3 hours tour) = Rs. 500
  8. Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur to-and-fro Travel by Force Traveller Van – Rs. 200 + Rs. 40 (two glasses of sugarcane juice) + Rs. 200 (puja items for the pooja of God Shani) + Rs. 50 (coconut-water) + Rs. 70 (1 kg jaggery) = Rs. 560
  9. Shirdi to Mumbai by BharatBenz Bus (A/C 26 Seater 2+1) = Rs. 715
  10. Prasad Pedha (2 packets) = Rs. 140
  11. Miscellaneous expenses: Rs. 100

My approx. Total Cost for 4 Days Solo Travel to Mumbai-Shirdi-Shanishingnapur (to and fro) = Rs. 7,025.

That means – 1-day expenses will be Rs. 1,756.25 which includes Rs. 800 for accommodation, food, travel, etc., etc.

As I am a solo traveler, the cost of accommodation (double-bed), I have to pay but if you are two or more people, accommodation cost will be divided. You can also opt for accommodation provided by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi.

Conveyance total cost can be cut-down if one travels by Train sleeper class (Mumbai-Shirdi-Mumbai) night journey.

And Prasad (free meal) one can have at Shree Sai Prasadalay in Shirdi approx. 1 km from Shri Saibaba’s Samadhi Temple.

Now it’s up to you how many days you want to stay in Shirdi. I gave you a rough idea about expenses.

Shirdi to Mumbai by BharatBenz Bus (A/C 26 Seater – 2+1)

Shirdi to Mumbai BharatBenz Bus AC 26 Seater (2+1)

Spent four days in Shirdi. Healed – in short. Love to visit again.

Shirdi to Mumbai bus ticket was booked via redBus.in in-advance.

Received eTICKET via Email and also SMS about ticket confirmation.

Amount paid for Shirdi to Mumbai by BharatBenz AC BusRs. 715 which includes Loss of baggage – Upto Rs. 3,000 insurance cover and Personal accident – Rs. 6,00,000 insurance cover – just by paying Rs 15 – Powered by ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd.

It was a day’s journey starting from Neeta Annex Hotel, Shirdi (Opp. Eshosans Palace Hotel) not far from The Hotel where I stayed.

08:45 am – Reporting time and 09:00 am Departure time.

16:35 Dropping point time – Andheri (E) Highway Before Fly Over.

7 hours and 35 minutesTotal journey time from Shirdi to Mumbai by Bus.

Mask – Mandatory, Do not travel with Symptoms, Carry your own Blankets, Pets are not allowed, Carrying or consuming liquor inside the bus is prohibited and many such information/guidelines to be followed by the passengers mentioned within eTICKET and cancellation charges too.

Though there is train option too for Shirdi to Mumbai but due to COVID-19, booking was suspended.

Train from Shirdi to Mumbai starts at 10:25 pm, and reaches Dadar (Mumbai) at 4:30 am.

Total journey hours from Shirdi to Mumbai by train6 hours and 5 minutes about One hour 30 minutes better than the bus.

Anyway, I reached Neeta Annex Hotel at reporting time. The bus was already parked.

One of the guys in the image is Ajay from Hotel Shree Sai Keshav – where I stayed. They came to see off. So nice. Thanks again-n-again.

The temperature was checked, and the Hand was sanitized before entering the bus.

redBus sent SMS about chatting option with co-passenger. I said Hi/Hello but no one replied.

Anyway, at 9:00 am bus started its journey to Mumbai.

10:40 am reached Sinnar and 11:15 am at Nashik.

30 minutes stop at Mumbai Naka, Nashik. Why? – Only the bus driver know.

Anyway, at 1:20 pm we crossed Kasara and at 2:00 pm bus was parked at Hotel Paramount (Shahpur) for Lunch.

I had water (Rs. 25), Limca (Rs. 25), Idli Sambar (Rs. 70), and Onion Uttapam (Rs. 100). Total Rs. 220 paid.

The quality of food was hot and delicious. The toilet was clean too though very rarely one will find clean toilets in India, especially in public places.

The most attractive subject in the restaurant other than food was the High Volume Low-Speed Fan by Ecoair. It was huge. First time in my life I was watching such a huge fan. Anyway, I was happy with the halt as the food quality was good at the restaurant.

2:55 pm bus re-started its journey towards Mumbai.

4:00 pm we reached Vikhroli. And at 4:45 pm reached Andheri (E) Highway Before Fly Over. Only 10 minutes late.

Thoroughly enjoyed the journey though there was no music/movie still the journey was comfortable.

After reaching Mumbai after a few days you will receive an email with the subject – How was your travel – to Help redBus to improve your travel experience. That’s interesting.