Mhalsapati (The first devotee who owes the name of Saibaba) Cottage / Samadhi in Shirdi, Maharashtra


Mhalsapati (the one who owes the name of Saibaba) Cottage in Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

Mhalsapati Cottage/Samadhi is situated in a narrow lane nearby Shri Tajudinbaba Devsthan in Shirdi, Maharashtra. Currently, Mhalsapati descendants – grandson lives there with family. Mhalsapati survived Saibaba by four years.

Opening/Closing Timings: 7:00 am till 9:00/10:00 pm

About: Mhalsapati – The Great Devotee of Saibaba

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My Everyday Morning Natural Refreshing Drink & Street Food in Shirdi, Maharashtra

I stayed in Shirdi (Maharashtra) for four days. My morning starts with tea at Yewale Amruttulya – open at 5:30 am till 11 pm and then as there was no option of breakfast (though lunch/dinner was available) at the hotel, I walk a little bit via Kote Galli to reach Shri Mahalaxmi temple.

Nearby Shri Mahalaxmi temple, opposite Chaha House is Junaid’s tender coconut stall – for 5 years.

Junaid - Nariyal Paani Wala, Next to Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir, Opposite - Chaha House, Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

Junaid rides Royal Enfield motorcycle, opens his tender coconut stall at 8 am till 9 pm daily.

The cost of tender coconut water is between Rs. 40 – Rs. 80.

I tried all. Rs. 80 tender coconut was too big in size but not that refreshing. Rs. 50 was the best.

In Mumbai, in morning hours, I drink almost every day tender coconut water and the price is the same – Rs. 40 and Rs. 50.

Tender Coconut from Mysore is the best as per Mumbai tender coconut stall owners and also as per Junaid.

After having tender coconut water, I walk towards Mahalaxmi Tiffin Center i.e., next to Junaid tender coconut stall to have Dosa or Vada or Idli.

Mahalaxmi Tiffin Center opens at 6 am till 1 pm, run by family members for 12 years.

Lady prepares dosa and her husband – Vada. Two members of the family serve customers.

The cost of Dosa is – Rs. 30, Vada and Idli – Rs. 20.

Dosa was good but personal favourite – Vada at Mahalaxmi Tiffin Center.

Other than tender coconut water, hot/cheap/crispy street food options specially at early morning hours, if you like fruits, you can have Ber (Indian jujube) – Rs. 50/Kg and Peru (Guava/अमरुद) – 5/6 for Rs. 40/50/80 (you have to bargain) available nearby temple-area.

Ber (Indian jujube) at Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

Peru (Guava) in Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

Shirdi is famous for Ber (Indian jujube) and Peru i.e., Guava (अमरुद). During village visit I saw Guava farming in-around Shirdi.

I remember during visit to Deeg (Bharatpur, Rajasthan), I purchased Ber for Rs. 20 per kg but that was in the year 2014. If I compare the size and color of the Ber in Deeg and in Shirdi – There is big difference.

Shirdi’s Ber are bigger and green in color though Deeg Ber are yellow in color and smaller in size.

Tastewise which one is better – I can’t say. Yet to taste Shirdi’s Ber.

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