डगशाई (हिमाचल प्रदेश) का संक्षिप्त इतिहास

Dagshai is one of the oldest Cantonment town of District Solan in Himachal Pradesh. This town is situated at 6087 feet above sea level at Kalka-Shimla Highway about 11 km from Solan on a mountain. Dagshai was established in 1847 by East Indian Company by securing five villages from Maharaja of Patiala. The name of villages are Dabbi, Bughtiala, Chunawag, Jawag and Dagshai.

New Cantonment name was named upon Dagshai village because as per tactical war it was important.

As per famous local legend the name of Dagshai was derived from the word ‘Daag-e-Shahi™. It is believed during Mughal era prisoners head were marked by hot iron and they were kept in Dagshai Village.

Important Tourist Places in Dagshai
Museum, Dagshai Central Jail, Cemeteries, Army Public School, Catholic Church

St. Patrick’s R.C. Church (Dagshai, Himachal Pradesh) – ESTD. 1852 A.D.

St. Patrick’s R.C. Church and the Bungalow No. 38 belong to the society of Shimla Chandigarh Catholic Diocese (ESTD. 1852 A.D.)

This heritage R.C. Church was the first Garrison Church, built in Dagshai by the Irish Soldiers with cost of Rs. 5030/- from their salaries in the year 1852 A.D.

The gothic architect, using Choona Mitti to clip together, the stone structure, heavy slate roofing, Single stone piece cross, wooden ceiling, red stone flooring and seasoned teak wooden windows, doors, furniture, the Italian marble Altar in memory of Lt. Marry Rebeca, the stone Baptismal pond, the statue of Mother Mary with child Jesus, the picture of St. Patrick the patron of this Church and the way of the cross are antique & of great significance. In this Church Mr. James Daly the Irish freedom fighter has his last farewell ceremony on 2nd Nov. 1920.

The Holy Mass – Sunday 10.00 a.m.

(Source: display board)

Khasta Kachori – Famous Snack at Chittorgarh Junction in Rajasthan

15 minutes train stoppage at Chittorgarh junction. I saw a rush of travelers at platform around food kiosks for something to eat. I was sure it must some mouth-watering snacks, but what actually is sold I was not so sure. I was hungry. A thought – lets visit.

Bhajiya and Kachori – two snacks items were there. Everybody was requesting for either Bhajiya or Kachori. I too requested a few times for Kachori but failed. As the train was about to leave finally I had two kachoris in hand and asked for the price.

Rs. 10/- per Kachori. I paid Rs. 20/- for two. The first bite was good enough to explain the khasta (flaky) variety and not to forget gravy or chatni was not there, but if I waited more, it was added surely by the food kiosk person. Anyway, still it was delicious. Dal was also inside. Maybe Moong Dal Khasta Kachori it was. It was very nice. More good would be if I had a cup of hot tea also. I suggest do not forget to have Khasta Kachori as food in Chittorgarh if your train halt for a few minutes. The journey continues..

One of The Best Veg Restaurant Near Ajmer Railway Station in Rajasthan

During the journey to Ajmer via train, I and a fellow passenger were talking about the journey we did till-date. As they were from Ajmer, I inquired – Any famous food in Ajmer?

Sonhalwa at Badri Prasad Halwai at Madar Gate is one such famous sweet shop for the same.

And Any restaurant in around the Ajmer Railway Station?

Again Badri Prasad Halwai was the reply.

Thank you – said I.

Upon arrival at Ajmer Railway Station, I visited the Waiting Room for a bathroom and a bath as I have to catch another train for another destination. Waiting Room was clean somewhat. Next I thought of depositing luggage at the Cloak Room (Closing Hours: 2 – 2.30 pm / 24 hours open). Rs. 16-/- was charged for one luggage. And then I walk behind Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower towards Madar Gate in search of Badri Prasad Halwai shop. The shop is at the left hand side corner but was almost closed. The staff was present. Upon query, I was told – the shop is closed for few days. Upon query about any other good restaurant around, I was guided to visit Jai Hind Restaurant opposite Ajmer Railway Station situated inside a narrow lane adjacent to Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower.

Thank you – said I.

100 meters walk I was inside Jai Hindi Restaurant. Punjabi Rajmah (Rs. 90), Plain Rice (Rs. 60), Onion Salad (Rs. 8) and later Matka Kulfi by Havmor (Rs. 50) was the selection from the menu list. The food was hot, delicious and maltka kulfi – mouth-watering.

Total I paid – Rs. 208/-. Jai HInd Restaurant Timings: 8 am – 10 pm. The restaurant also serves Dosa, Thali, Coffee, Ice-creams etc. etc. Paneer items is their specialty – The waiter said. In short what I want to say is: With the help of locals, I found a good-quality vegetarian restaurant near Ajmer Railway Station. You may visit too. Just 5 minutes walk from the Railway Station.

How much I Paid for Studds Motorcycle Helmet?

Chandigarh is one such beautiful planned city where a helmet for pillion-rider is a must. Studds is one such company I only think of if I have to purchase a helmet. Though Royal Enfield helmets are also available at RE showrooms these days, but I find them costly as per my budget, but yes, desire is there to buy one such helmet written on top Royal Enfield. Maybe one day.

Anyway, in search of a Studds helmet I inquire with few vendors selling helmets at makeshift shops in Chandigarh but failed as they were not having Studds products. Finally we reach sector 17 and from there a walk of 1.5 km approx. to reach sector 21 to find a fantastic store having hundreds of helmets on display. I saw few other brands helmets also but I purchased finally Ninja Pastel Plain – Flip Up and how much I paid? – Rs. 1220/- only.

And memory rewind, and I remember about the cost of the helmet I purchased from Mumbai in the year March, 2010 and how much I paid? – Rs. 1040/- only. So in short, in the last five years for the same helmet not too much price increase. Fantastic – said I.

Thank you, Studds.

I decided to change the glass of an old helmet from the same shop, and how much I paid? Rs. 200/- only including fitting charges. How much did I pay last time for the glass change? Rs. 180/- only two years ago. Fantastic this too. I am happy with both the cost I paid.

Anyway, if you are in search of a good helmet, I will suggest visit:

New Scooter Centre, Sector 21-C, Chandigarh, Punjab.

Lion Safari in Chhatbir Zoo (Chandigarh-Patiala Road, Punjab) The Best Attraction

Chhatbir Zoo is situated (2-3 km inside) at Patiala – Chandigarh highway approx. 8-10 km from Patiala-Ambala Highway, Zirakpur. The moment you reach zoo display boards are neatly narrating Zoo Timings, Parking Cost, About Zoo, Entry Fees etc. etc.

Zoo Timings: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

It was Wednesday a working day. Parking area was almost full with cars. I was amazed and happy as well with the visitors attendance. We paid Rs. 5/- for parking our motorbike and Rs. 5/- to deposit helmet. Depositing helmet is not necessary but a thought roaming free hands except having camera is a good idea.

We stop before the entrance to read About Chhatbir Zoo as follows:

Inaugurated on 13th April, 1977 by the then Governor of Punjab, His Excellency Sh. Mahendra Chaudhary, Chattbir zoo is one of the largest zoo of India. The zoo is spread over an area of 202 hectares (505 acre) and lies in the Protected Forest area of Chhatbir, once a hunting reserve of Maharaja of Patiala.

Zoo Holidays: All Mondays, 15th August, 26th January and 2nd October

Entry Fees for Adults: Rs. 40/- per person. Camera charges extra.

(Wheelchair is available for Handicapped Visitors)

Zoo manners another interesting display board requesting to speak softly, do not feed and keep the area smoking-free. Appreciated. More further I walk another display i.e., Guide map – must watch to know before continuing walking though there is Ferry vehicle facility also available by paying Rs. 50/- per adult but we decided to walk because personally I find walking the best way to know more to watch more.. Directions are well-defined to follow so that there is no confusion in this vast area.

Common Goose, Rosy Pelican, Pig Tailed Macaque, Lion Tailed Macaque, Hamadryas Baboon and more we watch to find ourselves in front of a display board talking about Tiger as follows:

The Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the five sub-species distributed through Asia. Today shrinking tiger number and habitat are major conservation issue. 100 years ago approximately one lakh tigers were roaming in the world, but now only 4% of the same are left. Let us conserve the Tigers.

Next I was watching Royal Bengal Tiger. What a feeling.. He was trying to watch inside a window. Someone was there on the other side. Maybe a Tigress or a Tiger friend – not sure.

Further walking and a display requesting to adopt an animal monthly or yearly to show support for wildlife conservation. Great.

Next little far I saw White Tiger sitting on a makeshift मचान (scaffold). I thought it is a dummy one but no it is real. White tiger is another favorite. We all love watching Tiger. Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan another great location to watch Tigers.

Wild Boar, Hippopotamus, Elephant, Hyaena and finally we reach the location – Lion safari.

Rs. 50/- per person for a van ride into the area where Lion roam freely instead of living in cage. Wow.. I was waiting for this specially because I have yet to visit Gir sanctuary in Gujarat.

Two tickets purchased. We were about to board the van storm arrived with showers. We decided to wait – skipped the current van. Next van when the storm was over we decided to go. We were only two visitors at that time inside the van along with the driver of the van and a zoo staff.

The van enters. The moment van move forward over pitch road inside the safari area we were in front of a lioness walking straight towards our van. Interesting. Not a single thought of fear was there instead of lots of excitement. She came close and left the path. The van move further but suddenly the zoo staff saw the lioness chasing our van. Now what?

Nothing. The van driver kept driving and within few seconds she left chasing the van. Little fear was there for sure to be honest. The van took a complete circle inside the safari via well made pitch road and stop for few seconds too to locate Lion – male but failed. Maybe because of recent rain they must be hiding under bushes – said the van driver. There are two Lions and one Lioness – He said. Anyway, we returned safely and had a good time.

After Lion safari we had veg. patties and a cup of coffee. We were hungry. There are two canteens inside the zoo if I am correct.

In-short if you are visiting Chhatbir zoo do not miss Lion safari because rarely inside a zoo one will find such attraction. I thoroughly enjoyed safari. After Lion safari we watched more wild animals, birds such as Jackal, Leopard, Barking Deer, Sarus Crane, Golden Pheasant, White Indian Peafowl (another great attraction specially because first time I saw white), Zebra, Indian Bison, Goral and many more.. Very interesting zoo for sure specially Lion safari. You should visit.


This photo was taken at Chhatbir Zoo at Chandigarh-Patiala Road, Punjab.

Age of Breeding: 2-4 years

Gestation Period: 348-377 days

Average Litter Size: 1

Feed in Nature: Trees, Grass, Herbs and Shrubs

Feed in Zoo: Mesh, Green Fodder, Cabbage

Distribution: Angola and Eastern South Africa

Life Span: 12-14 years

(Source: display board)


This photo was taken at Chhatbir Zoo at Chandigarh-Patiala Road, Punjab.

Age of Breeding: 2 – 2.5 years

Gestation Period: 150 – 180 days

Average Litter Size: 1

Food in Nature: Grasses, Green Leaves etc.

Food in Zoo: Mash, Kutti, Tree Fodder etc.

Distribution: HP, J&K, North-Eastern States etc.

Life Span: 10-15 years

(Source: display board)