Waitlist Tatkal Train Ticket Manual Refund Experience in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

June 2014, Rishikesh, I with a local friend planned to visit Garhmukteshwar by train. We visited Rishikesh Railway Station to book train tickets. Waiting list – The answer. I request for Tatkal tickets. Waiting list too. A thought it might get confirmed I booked two 3A tickets from Haridwar (30+ km from Rishikesh) to Gajraula.

We were waiting anxiously for Mussoorie Express train chart to be prepared. If I am correct three hours before the train departure time train chart is prepared. And when it was prepared tickets were not confirmed – checked via 139 sms service. We were disappointed but what to do. The next question – refund?

We reached Rishikesh Railway Station to return tickets to receive the refund. It was more than 8 pm . Ticket counters were closed for the day. Now what to do?

A railway person was present. We were guided to visit Haridwar Railway Station (30 km) to receive the refund.

What? – said I. To get refund for waitlist tatkal tickets booked from Rishikesh Railway Station I have to travel 30 km at this hour? approx. 50 min to 1 hour journey.

I was disappointed but what to do. We traveled via the motorbike to reach Haridwar Railway Station. At 21:42 we received the refund. Rs. 70 was deducted by Railways as cancellation fee. I was told the counter close at 10 pm . Only one counter is open at night.

Upon the query about waitlist tatkal ticket refund rules the counter person said: up to two hours after the train actual departure time.

In short what I want to say is: To receive refund I have to travel that far that was very disappointing but later upon the query I was told for late night trains and for hilly or remote areas one might get refund next day within first two hours of counter opening. But the question is: Whether Rishikesh is remote area or hilly area or not Or, what I did was correct?

I agree: IRCTC Online ticket booking much better than manually. At least refund is automatically returned to ones account.

Once I Forgot to Pack Sony Camera Battery Charger During Uttarakhand Tour

I was at Kanak Chauri village approx. 181 km from Rishikesh and 38 km from Rudraprayag Town to visit Kartik Swami temple and I realized I left Sony DSC HX400V camera battery charger in Rishkesh.

Where to buy camera charger? I question locals.

Rudraprayag – They said. I re-started the motorbike to reach Rudraprayag. I had no other option – what to do.

During search at Rudraprayag Town, I failed to find camera charger. I visited a local friend. He advised to visit Srinagar Town because it is a big town and chances are bright there only. 30-35 km journey – Ok said I.

I visited much electronics/camera shops in Srinagar and failed again. Then a student upon query enhanced knowledge about a shop situated inside main market almost opposite Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Tourist Rest House.

Narula Electricals (0 – 94120 79078) is the shop name situated on right hand side inside main market, Srinagar approx. 50 meters from National Highway 58. Yes, camera battery charger was available but local made. No worries if it solves problem. It was working. The shopkeeper tested the battery with the charger. I purchased it immediately, and I also purchased one camera memory card. In short I realized it was tough to find camera accessories in mountains. Thanks to shopkeeper otherwise the tour might be without a photo. After Kartik Swami temple visit I visited Deoria Tal too. This was the first time in past 4 years of travel that I forgot to pack one of the most important things for memories.