Breakfast in Train

This photo was taken during the journey via Una-New Delhi Janshatabdi Express.

It was morning time, and I requested for breakfast but was disappointed. It wasn’t hot and the cost – Rs. 35/-.

Luggage Storage Facility at New Delhi Railway Station

We arrived at New Delhi Railway Station via train. After a few hours, another train for the next journey and in-between hours we wanted to visit Janpath behind LIC building, Connaught Place for shopping. Janpath is my favorite since childhood because of cheap shirts and t-shirts. But where to deposit luggage?

And then a thought why not deposit luggage at Cloak Room. Mostly Cloak Room is situated at platfrom No. 1. We have to walk a little to reach almost the end of platform no. 1 (towards Desh Bandhu Gupta bridge) to find the Cloak Room and a long queue. I saw travelers filling up a form. I too found it at the entrance of the Cloak Room. It is known as Cloak Room Requisition Slip. Details (ticket number the most important one) were filled up and in queue. Very soon maybe within 10 minutes I was inside the room. They checked the slip, luggage, locks and mentioned details in their register. I walk inside to place the luggage at one of the shelves.

Note: They don’t take luggage without locks.

For first 24 hours they charge – Rs. 15 per package.

Second 24 hour Rs. 15 + 20 i.e., Rs. 35 per package.

And all added 24 hours – Rs. 35 + 20 i.e., Rs. 55 per package.

As we have to deposit luggage in less than 24 hours we paid Rs. 30 for two packages.

In short, what I want to say is: This is an excellent facility at the New Delhi Railway Station, and when I returned the luggage was safe. I was happy. It was time to catch another train. Thank you, Indian Railways. The journey continues..

Note: Cloak Room facility is also available at platform no. 16.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Clutch Lever Replacement

I wrote approx. one year back about Royal Enfield Thunderbird motorbike self-start button issue. The issue was due to damaged clutch switch lever and had to be replaced.

What important was – The first time clutch switch replacement since the motorbike purchased i.e., 3 years 6 months.

But this time the issue was opposite and was due to the clutch lever. Royal Enfield Thunderbird motorbike self-start button was starting the motorbike only if clutch lever was pressed. This time we discover the clutch lever was damaged (shown in image).

What important was – The first time clutch lever replacement since the motorbike purchased i.e., 4 years.

How much I paid for Royal Enfield Thunderbird clutch lever?

Rs. 210 only/- at Manmohan Motors, Mohali (Punjab).

In short, if self-start button is not working properly, one of the issues maybe is with the lever of clutch switch or with the clutch lever and the solution maybe is replacement and if replacement is after 3 plus years of journey (30,000 + km) – I am happy. Thank you Royal Enfield. The journey continues..

Cover for RE Motorcycle having Ladakh Carrier with Hard Luggage Box

During my Mumbai visit I was in search of a cover for Royal Enfield Thunderbird motorcycle having ladakh carrier with hard luggage box attached. Normally, for RE cover, you may visit any RE showroom/service center and buy but for RE motorcycle having ladakh carrier with hard luggage box attached, you have to search for much longer cover locally known as jumbo cover at local shops.

Grant road in Mumbai is one of the best locations to purchase motorcycle accessories. It is difficult to find a jumbo cover, but at Narayan Rexine House (C/o Nirmal Auto Centre) situated at Balaram Street I found it and purchased it for Rs. 300/-. The shopkeeper assured the cover will cover the entire motorcycle including boxes as it is double jumbo. There was one more cover for the motorcycle, but it was heavy and the price was Rs. 550/-. For travelers traveling via motorbike, the lightweight cover is the best and the jumbo is lightweight saving the motorcycle from dust during outdoor parking as well as light rain.

The length of the jumbo cover was 5 feet 4 inches i.e., 1625 mm in length (measurement taken horizontally from the starting of the glass cover till the end of the cover) and the length of the RE Thunderbird motorcycle is 2060 mm i.e., 81 inches approx.

Yes, the shopkeeper was correct as the cover covers the entire ladakh carrier with hard luggage box including silencer, real wheel, footrest, engine, battery, seat, tank, rear view mirror etc. etc.

I am happy the cover is useful. Only the front wheel little bit left. Length correction required, I say. Rest is fine. Thank you, shopkeeper. The journey continues..

Anjeer Soft Chikki and Jelly Sweets

Most of us are aware of the famous chikki from Lonavala – The hill station of Maharashtra. While visiting Mumbai from Pune via the Mumbai Pune Expressway, we stop for light refreshment at Shree Datta Snacks situated at Food Plaza, Sajgaon, Khopoli. And later after having snacks we purchased famous sweets and namkeen of Lonavala i.e., Anjeer Soft Chikki (Rs. 170), Jelly Sweets (Rs. 40), Crush Chikki (Rs. 50) and Palak Sev (Rs. 70).

Total cost – Rs. 330 but more than the cost, the taste of Anjeer Soft Chikki was excellent excellent excellent and another favourite is Jelly Sweets having flavours of Orange, Strawberry, Lemon, Khus, Mango etc. etc.

Yes, I have a sweet tooth. The journey continues..