Auto Fare from Tapovan, Rishikesh to Haridwar Railway Station?

Vikram Stand, Muni-Ki-Reti, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

I had to catch early morning train from Haridwar Railway Station. During early winter morning there is less possibility of sharing Vikram (tempo/auto) availability. One day before I had talks with an auto owner for next day early morning service. Next day early morning the tempo was at service and from Tapovan, Rishikesh to Haridwar Railway Station I paid Rs. 400 as auto fare.

I remember few years back I was paying Rs. 300 but then tempo owner said now-a-days the cost of fuel is not the same as earlier. I agree.

Though I book the entire auto from Tapovan, Rishikesh to Haridwar Railway Station but if I see any passenger on the way waving hands I request the auto driver to please allow two or three passengers to share the auto space and that money also goes to the driver.


Recently I paid Rs. 450 upon the request from the auto owner. Fuel for sure is getting costly these days.

Selling Shri Ram Kandmool

This photo was taken at Kumbh Mela – 2013, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Price: Rs. 5 / 10 – One piece.

And I remember a few years back at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, I saw a man selling Shri Ram Kandmool.

Price: Rs. 2 – One piece, Rs. 3 – Five pieces and Rs. 10 – 6 pieces.

Cheap in Mumbai or maybe the size of a piece differs?