Vehicle Registration Plates for Motorcycle

Two years Royal Enfield motorcycle solo travel, front and rear number plates showing rust, and I decided to change. What amount I should pay for Aluminum Number Plates? – The question.

Rs. 500 costs for motorcycle front and rear aluminum number plates at Milan Subway, Mumbai. Rs. 40 fitting charges. Total cost – Rs. 540 but I am waiting for high-security registration (number) plates to be introduced soon by the transport department as per reports. The journey continues..

Ladakh Carrier with Hard Luggage Box for Royal Enfield Motorcycle

Ladakh Carrier in Mumbai for Royal Enfield Motorcycle?

As per search in Mumbai I found two shops selling Ladakh Carrier for Royal Enfield Motorcycle.

Spark Motion is one such shop at Grant Road (East) selling various products, accessories, spare-parts including ladakh carrier helpful for bikers specially travelers riding Royal Enfield Motorcycle Or you can also check Allibhai Premji Tyrewalla.

Both shops are near to each other. Spark Motion is at Bapty Road also known locally as Arab Gali, Grant Road (East), Mumbai.

If I remember correctly I purchased ladakh carrier for Rs. 1800.

But the question was:

Where to make boxes for Ladakh Carrier in Mumbai?

Hard Motorcycle Luggage, Tank Bags, Saddle Bags are available for Royal Enfield motorcycle in the market, but I was thinking of boxes with lock fitted inside Ladakh Carrier. I personally find it more safer and more spacious for keeping luggage in any weather or road condition during a long journey.

I discussed above said with Spark Motion guy, and he guided a  location where there are many fabricator shops specialized in making steel box, locker box etc. and the address:

KGN Fabricator, 299/4, Meher Bux Bldg., Lokhand Galli, P.B. Marg nearby Arab Gali, Grant Road (East), Mumbai.

Owner: Afzal Khan ( 0 – 9870368377 )

The fabricator guy understood the idea. After one week, boxes with Godrej locks were ready. Rs. 1000 per box was the cost and the finish, I have to say, was excellent. Till-date installed boxes are good in condition (rust-free) without any trouble, and I have covered 20,000 plus km road journey.

But yes, to install boxes inside the Ladakh carrier I have to do a few things as below:

  • Wield an extra iron plate horizontally on the outer side of Ladakh Carrier so that boxes are well-packed inside Ladakh Carrier.
  • A cycle rubber-tube was purchased and a black tape. Ladakh Carrier frame was covered with a rubber-tube and on top of the rubber-tube black tape was rolled. This helps with reducing boxes sound during a road journey.

Close to Spark Motion nearby Municipality Building is A2 Garage and Deva (mobile: 0 – 983367789) is excellent at wielding work. He wielded an extra iron plate and made four holes at the bottom of boxes to fix each box inside the Ladakh Carrier with the help of a nut and a bolt. Finally, all job was done, and I have to say it was Quality work and helped a lot during a long road journey as luggage was always safe and no worries when it was raining and boxes not heavy.

Note: Spark Motion is currently shifted to Sidhwa Building, Balaram Street, Grant Road (East), Mumbai.

Benefits of Off-season Travel to Keoladeo National Park

April to September is Off-season.

October to March is the season.

Tourists suggest December and January is the best time to visit Keoladeo National Park (also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) but what if one is busy during those months?

I decided to visit during the off-season (September – after the rainy season) and as per personal experience, it was a fruitful visit. The park was a lush green and a good amount of water was present everywhere.

Laughing Dove, Green Bee-eater, Indian Roller, Red-vented Bulbul, Brahminy Starling, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Spotted Deer, Black Drango, Pond Heron, Little Egret, Little Cormorant, White-breasted Kingfisher, Painted Stork, Large Egret, Snake Bird, Tiger Butterfly, Magpie-Robin, White-eared Bulbul, Oil Beetle, Black-shouldered Kite and many more birds, Migratory birds and animals I saw during morning and evening visits.

Knowledge was enhanced. Thanks to the authorized Cycle-Rickshaw puller.

And the question:

Off-season one-day tour for one person at Keoladeo National Park cost?

  • Rickshaw fare from Bharatpur Railway Station to Saras Circle?

I paid Rs. 50 as Rickshaw fare from Bharatpur Railway Station to Saras circle though rickshaw puller was asking for Rs. 80. The hotel owner intervened and Rs. 50 I paid.

The distance between Bharatpur Railway Station to Saras circle is approx. 5 km. Most of the hotels and guest houses are nearby Saras circle. Keoladeo National Park is approx. 1 km from Saras circle.

  • Hotel Room Reservation (One Night Non AC): Rs. 1000 (breakfast complimentary)
  • Keoladeo National Park Entry Fee: Rs. 100

(Rs. 50 per visit for an Indian. Twice I visited the park)

  • Authorized Cycle-Rickshaw: Rs. 420

(Rs. 70 per hour. I did three hour morning and three hour evening tours)

  • Refreshment at Canteen: Rs. 60
  • Lunch, Dinner per day: Rs. 300
  • Auto-Fare from Saras Circle to Bharatpur Railway Station?

Rs. 60 I paid as Auto fare (Solo booking. No sharing) from Saras Circle to Bharatpur Railway Station.

Rupees One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety approx. all-inclusive was the total budget for the Off-season one-day tour for one person at Keoladeo National Park.

Note: Train reservation/bus ticket will be extra if you are coming from another city or State.

Benefits: The park was less crowded. Only Photographers and a few tourists with cycles/cycle-rickshaws were present.

If you visit during the season hotel tariff are a little high and the park is with more tourists and with little more birds for sure.

But what I want to say is: After the rains and just before the season visiting Keoladeo National Park is also a good option. I saw many many birds and cost per day I find budget one especially hotel room rates are cheaper for sure. What say?

Will try to tour one day during the season to know the exact difference.

Is There Any Bus Service from Bharatpur to Delhi?

Central Bus Stand popularly known as Heeradas Bus Stand is the location for bus service approx. 2 km from Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, and I visited it to know whether there is any bus service from Bharatpur to Delhi or not.

And yes, as per the display board, there are buses from Bharatpur to Delhi. Not only for Delhi, there are buses for various other destinations such as Mathura, Haridwar, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Agra, Lucknow etc. etc.

Official Website of Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation

About: Authorized Sight Seeing Rickshaw at Keoladeo National Park

Rs. 70 per hour the charges of an authorized cycle-rickshaw at Keoladeo National Park (also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary), Bharatpur. The ones with the yellow plates are the authorized cycle rickshaws. The name and their authorized cycle-rickshaw number are written on the plate. More than 100 authorized cycle rickshaws are there in the park. I requested one, and the hotel owner arranged one. Early morning cycle rickshaw was at our hotel gate and in the late evening hours, I was dropped at the hotel gate. What better than this.

Sound Knowledge about the park, birds, and animals is the best about the rickshaw-puller. Almost a guide having knowledge of the foreign language as well. The Forest department provides training to rickshaw pullers. All birds and animal images with names you see on my blog were shared by the rickshaw puller.

Kadam Kunj is deep inside the park which may be not visited frequently by visitors. Only via cycle or by foot one can reach. Rickshaw-puller parked his rickshaw and took us by foot. About one km walking distance. And while returning to the main gate he again stopped and we walked to see the python.

Other than the authorized cycle rickshaw I saw few tourists with the cycle. Another good option is if you are in a group or two at least. Car and Motorcycle is not allowed deep inside the park. The only best option is an authorized cycle-rickshaw or cycle. I also saw a tourist conveyance van inside the park. But I suggest sightseeing by an authorized cycle-rickshaw is one of the best at Keoladeo National Park. Due to authorized cycle-rickshaw wala knowledge was enhanced and I was able to watch White-eared Bulbul, Grey Heron, Green Bee-eater, Painted Stork, Pair of Sambar Deer, White-browed Bulbul, Red-tailed Lizard, Pond Heron, Monitor Lizard, Large Egret, Night Heron, Sparrow Hawk Bird, Spotted Owl, Lesser Whistling Ducks, Blue Bull and more. The journey continues…