My Royal Enfield Motorcycle Battery Replacement for the First Time

Exide Bikerz Battery for Royal Enfield Thunderbird

Two years, 25,744 km odometer reading when I replaced the first battery of my Royal Enfiled Thunderbird Twinspark motorcycle. Exide MX Freedom was the first battery with a brand-new motorcycle. The warranty card says: Warranty period is of 12 months or 10,000 km whichever is earlier. I crossed both ways ahead and smiled. Thanks to Exide.

I remember (until I replace the battery) I never had any sort of issue with the Exide MX Freedom battery. It was working fine, but the only issue was it was not able to support Electric Start for the last few days, thus I had to check. I visited the Exide showroom. Freedom was tested via Battery HRD Tester and the result – Bad (Weak, Good, Bad there are three options). I inquire about Exide MX Freedom. Not available as it is only with a new motorcycle provided by the company. What to do? Exide of course, the choice again.

Two options: Exide Backer or Exide Bikerz. The first one is 6 month warranty and the price is less. Exide Bikerz is with 15 month’s warranty. I opt for Exide Bikerz. And for Old battery return, Rs. 180/- deduction is another benefit. Total I pay Rs. 2400/-. Battery replaced.

My Royal Enfield Motorcycle First Major Expenses

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Disintegrated Sprag Clutch Gear Set Assembly and Starter Motor Replacement

Sprag Clutch Gear Set Assembly and Starter Motor were the first biggest spare parts expenditure for my motorcycle, but by that time I had driven more than 20,000 km without any trouble.

(Starter Motor I changed at 25,704 km if I remember correctly)

The kick Starter Lever was jammed, E-Start button was unable to start the engine.

When Sprag Clutch Assembly was removed, it was broken into pieces.

Anyways, it was solved. Thanks to the company and the service center.

Both spare parts I purchased last year at two different service centers because it wasn’t available. If I remember correctly Starter Motor I purchased somewhere close to Rs. 3000 and Sprag Clutch Gear Set Assembly approx. Rs. 4000.

I prefer to buy spare parts or accessories only from the Authorized Service Center.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark was on the road again. Thanks to the Royal Enfield team.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark Motorcycle Rear Tyre Puncture for the First Time

24,760 km was the odometer reading when Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike I drive had the first tyre (rear) puncture at Padu Kalan 40 km approx. from Pushkar, Rajasthan. I guess 24,760 km is a good distance covered in the last two years without having a tyre puncture. I checked the tyre, it is MRF Nylon Grip Plus. Thank you – I have to say. You know I always carry Gulf Inflate & Repair, but on that day I forgot I am having the same. Anyways, I was lucky the puncturewala was not too far away, only half a km from the tyre puncture location. But now I am thinking to replace the tube or the tyre and the tube both maybe. What say?

Om Banna and Shrine for Royal Enfield Motorbike

Om Banna and Shrine for Motorbike, Chotila Village, Pali, Rajasthan, India

Sunil is a friend and I riding a Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike driving at National Highway 65 heading towards Pali. The wind is harsh and speedy and difficult to drive. Traffic is heavy, especially trucks. Drive slowly Drive carefully – The mantra. Today we are going to worship the Royal Enfield motorbike. Yes, you have read correctly. Love for Royal Enfield motorbike has existed always since childhood but worship? Even Sunil is having a Royal Enfield motorbike since ages converted into a diesel engine but worship? Anyways, Sunil is from Jodhpur and is aware of the location – Chotila village.

Jodhpur to Chotila Village, National Highway 65 is 50 Kms approx.

We started the journey at 1:30 pm from Jodhpur and reached Chotila Village, NH 65 at 2:45 noon hours.

A number of trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles or you can say all modes of road transport no matter private or government are parked. We park our motorbike on the right side of the road. Shoes removed to walk towards an ornamented (with bangles) tree and later towards the shrine. Prayers, offerings, and a 360-degree circle around the shrine. 80s old model Royal Enfield motorbike parked neatly covered with garlands. This is the very first time since I am born and driving a motorbike watching devotees worshiping Royal Enfield motorbike by offering garlands. Curious enough to know more we walk towards Dharamshala situated close by and history as told by Shree Hemraj Purohit:

Vikram Samvat 2045 (2nd December 1988) night hours at 10 accident happened at this location. Om Banna along with his friend was driving a Royal Enfield motorbike from Pali on the way towards Rohat when their motorcycle hit Jaal tree. Om Banna died on the spot but his friend survived. The motorcycle was taken to Kerla (now known as Rohta) by policemen. After two/three years few say after six months suddenly one night the motorcycle started automatically on its own at the police station. Few say it was later seen at the accident site. This happened quite a few times. Each time motorbike was taken back to the police station but again was found near the tree. It was decided to send the motorbike to Hukma Ram’s house – a potter at Chotila. Again one day the motorcycle started at potter’s house. It was then decided by locals to place the motorbike at the accident site near the tree. Since then motorbikes never started on its own.

One day Om Banna showed a miracle to his grandmother by appearing at night and saying I am not dead, I am alive. He also requested his grandmother to donate two bigha land to Hemraj Purohit which was done. They say only after six months of death Om Banna started showing miracles to village people and faith developed among them. Many truck drivers driving at National Highway 65 said they felt that someone sitting with them during night hours and many stories about how Om Banna saved a few accidents.

Om Banna died at the age of 23 or 24 years and was the only son of his father. His son Maha Prakrami Singh is 23 years old now and was born almost two months after that accident. Late Om Banna grandmother is no more alive but his father Shree Jog Singh stays at Chotila Village three km from the shrine.

Eight days after Diwali there is a huge gathering of devotees at this location. The location where currently worship is done was actually land for cattle to graze but as it was an accident place and the number of devotees was increasing the land was transferred to Om Banna’s father and an equal size of the land was donated by Om Banna’s father for cattle graze little away from the shrine. Last 20 years motorcycle was near to Jaal tree but as NH 65 widening was going on nine months back it was shifted a little inside close to fields.

Buses from Jodhpur Bus Depot for Pali, Sanderao, Abu Road will drop you at Om Banna.

A small Dharamshala is there if you want to stay at night or a stop during the day for prayers and a little rest.

We went to Chotila Village to meet Om Banna’s father. He is old but welcoming guests is his priority. We were offered water, tea, and talks for hours. We saw a 1962 model Russian make tractor not in use since Banna death was purchased for Rs. 13,100 only. Om Banna son is currently studying at college. We met him at the shrine location. We were shown an article about a film in making under the Koyal Film Production banner Mumbai very shortly. In short, it was a new experience.

While returning towards Jodhpur left hand side little far from the shrine we stop at Prahladchand Mangilalji Prajapat shop for the famous Mogar ki Kachori and for tea Prajapat tea stall.

Kurja Pakshi Vihar Sthal – Winter Home of Demoiselle Crane Migratory Birds

Jaisalmer to Khichan village, Jodhpur distance is 173 km approx.

Jaisalmer to Jodhpur journey by hired cab. On the way, we stop at Baba Ramdev ji Temple and 58 km further at Khichan Village to watch Demoiselle Crane – migratory birds are also known as Kurjan.

Kurja Pakshi Vihar Sthal is on the left-hand side of the village as the car drive within the by-lanes. Village children are there to guide you. Large groups of migratory birds never seen before. And to know more a child-directed us towards a person – Sevaram.

Sevaram is a four-time wildlife awardee taking care of migratory birds for the last ten years. Marwar Samaj, District Jodhpur honoured him for his selfless services, and very recently he is selected for Wild Life warden from Jodhpur. In short crane conservation i.e., Sevaram. He stays near Pakshi Chuga Ghar (feeding home) on the other side of Khichan Village the location of birds in the morning hours.

Early morning Demoiselle Crane – migratory birds fly from the salt area for Pakshi Chuga Ghar and late morning hours 11:30 or so they fly to reach two ponds – Vijay Sagar, Ratri Naadi situated at Kurja Pakshi Vihar Sthal, Khichan Village. Five evening hours approx. they again fly back to the salt area which is approx. 35 km from Kheechan to stay in the night hours. And again early morning hours for feeding home and then towards two ponds and back to the salt area.

Jowar (white millet), Salt, and Saltwater are bird’s food. Mostly Jain community/villagers feed birds. Sevaram cares for birds including injured ones and takes them to Jodhpur hospital if required. He also fights legally if anyone disturbs the peace of birds.

07.09.2011 – The date Demoiselle Crane migrated to Khichan. March end or April 1st week they will leave finally to be back again in the month of September/October. Sevaram knows so much about birds even the day they arrive at Khichan. Sevaram is truly one of the true conservationists.

Thank you – said I.

  • Khichan to Osian Sand Dunes distance is 74 km approx.

(Jodhpur to Osian Sand Dunes is approx. 70 km via National Highway 65)

  • Khichan to Jodhpur via Osian Sand Dunes Distance is 149 km approx.