‘Rabri’ Famous Dessert of Abu Road

Rabri – dessert I think of whenever the train stops at Abu Road Railway Station. I had it once during the Mount Abu visit. Delicious indeed.


During my recent 2014 visit to Mount Abu, I again had Rabri at the Abu Road railway station. Cost – Rs. 20/-. Sweet tooth I have for sure. Upon query, I was told outside Abu Road railway station there are a few good sweet shops selling excellent Rabri. Will try next time for sure.

Unbelievable Traditional Remedy for a Boil on Finger

While returning towards Pushkar, I stop motorbike at a Petrol Pump for petrol. Red Chilli paste on top of Boil – God said I. Red Chilli itself is spicy and boil is painful – two deadly combinations. Why?

Traditional way of treatment? Unbelievable for sure.

But the man who works at the petrol station is confident – paste of red chilli mixed with a little bit of edible lime (Chuna) treats the best as it flush out the pus formed inside and the boil is cured. He believes what he said, but for I – Unbelievable. What say? The journey continues..

How to Reach Baijnath Shiva Temple from Pushkar?

Pushkar to Baijnath Shiva temple is approx. 16 Kms via Dev Nagar.

Private jeeps, buses are available close to Pushkar Stadium near Chungi (Toll-Tax) , National Highway 89. They will drop you close to Baijnath Shiva temple. You have to walk for 2 km approx. to reach temple. Own vehicle or taxi another good option.

I was traveling by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike. I went there twice as I like the temple surroundings very much.

And do not forget to do one km trek next to temple.

One of The Best Freelance Massage Therapist in Pushkar

Massager the search when I am too tired, especially after a long motorbike drive. To have a body massage is a wish or requirement I do not know but last 20 years I am having massage – head/shoulders/legs/full body at various towns/cities. Very seldom do I meet well knowledgeable massager as per the amount I can afford for body massage but when I met Kishore the search ends.

You may ask: what is a good massager?

I believe as per self-experience firstly a massager should have great pairs of hands which are always a God’s gift. Secondly, he must know body pressure points very well. In general, when the temple of the forehead, shoulders, lower back, calf muscles, heel is relaxed and I am at sleep I am sure I am having one of the best massages.

Kishore runs a barbershop at Pushkar’s main bazaar close to Vishram Ghat. Once during Pushkar’s visit, I had a wish for a massage discussed with a local friend, and Kishore was recommended. From that day till the last visit, the choice has been Kishore and only Kishore. I can say he is the best massager I have met to date. A gentle social knowledgeable person also well known for making colorful dreadlocks. If I am at Pushkar and very tired, I know Kishore Sen (0-94144 15366) is there. No worries.

Jodhpur to Pushkar Distance and Travel Time by Bike

Jodhpur to Pushkar Distance via Borunda, Merta City  is 175 km approx.

I started solo from Jodhpur by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike at 10:15 am reached Pushkar at 2:00 noon hours via Borunda, Merta City. Total journey hours from Jodhpur to Pushkar is approx. four hours.

National Highway 112 as well as National Highway 89 road condition fantastic to drive car or motorbike. And the best is you drive through villages many times.

Studds Protective Goggles for Motorcycle Riders

Today I purchased STUDDS Protective Goggles to wear while driving Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike. Though last two  years I am wearing STUDDS full face helmet and fastrack sunglasses, but many times was unable to protect my eyes from wind, dirt and insects. I hope the new goggles will help. How much I pay for protective goggles?

Rs. 145/- only.

The best I like about the google is clear shade (available in clear, grey and yellow). Now if I am driving at night hours I can wear the same – correct? Sasta Sundar and I hope it will be Tikau. What about you?

Which protective goggles do you wear while driving a motorbike?