Sign of Occupied Seat in Train General Compartment

Sign of Occupied Seat in Train General Compartment

Train General Compartment is either next to the train engine or at the end of the train near guard compartment. It is for unreserved train ticket travelers. During the journey from Hospet to Hubli via Hyderabad Kolhapur express while sitting at unreserved upper berth I clicked this interesting photo. The passenger might be gone for toilet but to occupy his seat he kept a handkerchief and a water bottle. Interesting way to reserve seat. General compartment train journey I personally find one of the best way of traveling – cheaper and interesting but most of the time it is over-crowded. Maybe more general compartments required. What say?

How much I Paid for Guided Cycle Tour in Hampi?

Tourist Information Centre, Virupaksha Temple Area, Hampi Bazaar, Karnataka

Rs. 450 per person including cycle rent charges I paid for guided tour in Hampi conducted by Krishna – Authorized Tourist Guide.

Office Timings: 8 am – 6 pm

Office is situated at Virupaksha Temple area near Hampi Bazaar.

Guided Cycle Tour Timings: 9:30 am till 2 pm. One has to reach maximum by 9:15 am at office gate.

After guided cycle tour one day during Hospet visit I visited Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) office situated at Shivananda Complex, College road near Hospet bus stand. Upon query about tours I was given a pamphlet and a brief narration – there are tour packages with guide facility available for Hampi and nearby siteseeing.

Non-AC Bus Rs. 300 per person and AC Bus Rs. 350 per person (minimum 6 person required).

Departure: 9:30 am and Arrival : 7:00 pm

21* places in Hampi and T.B. Dam will be shown.

* Sri Virupaksha Temple, Kadale Kalu Ganesha, Sasuve Kalu Ganesha, Krishna Temple, Ugra Narasimha, Badavi Linga, Udhana Veerabhadra Temple, Under Ground Temple, Mint Area, Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stable, Watch Tower, Hazar Rama Temple, Palace Area, Pushkarni, Queens Bath, Kings Balance, Purandaradasa Mantappa, Vittala Temple (musical pillar), Stone Chariot, Museum

There is Anegundi siteseeing also – Daily.

Visiting places: Anjanadribetta, Pampa Sarovara, Durgadevi, Lakshmi Temple, Navabrundavana, Kishkinda Resort

Non-AC Bus Rs. 400 per person and AC Bus Rs. 450 per person (minimum 10 person required).

Departure : 9:00 am and Arrival: 6:00 pm

Other than above said there are two more tours.

Fantastic knowledge. Thanks for sharing – said I.

Sunset Point at Virupapur Gaddi near Hampi in Karnataka

Sunset Point at Virupapur Gaddi near Hampi in Karnataka

Virupapur Gaddi is across Tungabhadra river on the other side of Hampi. Opposite Shanti Guest House on the right hand side on top of a hill is Sunset point – one of the best place to watch Sunset. Matanga hill at Hampi another one of the best place to watch sunset is visible from this location and Hampi as well. In-short must visit place for Sunset watching and even for boulder climbing.

Sanapur Lake is One of The Best Place to Spend an Evening near Hampi in Karnataka

Sanapur Lake near Hampi in Karnataka

Sanapur lake is approx. 2 km from Virupapur Gaddi (other side of Hampi across Tungabhadra river). Once you are on main road turn left and drive or walk for one km approx. till you reach a village/marketplace. A right turn will straight take you towards Sanapur lake. You may sit quiety with your friends anywhere near boulders present around the lake or you may walk or drive your scooter but it is sure Sanapur lake is one of the best place to spend an evening and watching sunset as well. Many tourist in groups you will find reaching by evening to spend quality time together. A must visit place specially during evening hours. I have visited lake during early morning hours too but evening hours at Sanapur lake is one of the best for sure.

The Nine Brindavanas at Anegundi in Karnataka

Nava Brindavan at Anegundi in Karnataka

Nava Brindavan (The Nine Brindavanas) is an island having samadhis of nine great saints. To reach one has to hire motorboat service from *Anegundi. Rs. 20/- per person to and fro the charges. It is about 5-7 minutes unforgettable motorboat ride over Tungabhadra river. After reaching island one has to walk approx. 50 meter to reach Nava Brindavan to offer prayers.

*Anegundi is approx. 6-7 km distance from Virupapur Gaddi (other side of Hampi across Tungabhadra river).

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Lord Rama Shot an Arrow at Vali Nearby these Temples on Tungabhadra River Bank

Chintamani Temple at Anegundi nearby Hampi in Karnataka

This photo was taken during visit to Nava Brindavan by a motorboat at Anegundi in Karnataka. Knowledge was enhanced by the boatman about the temples and during temples visit locals further enhanced knowledge by showing Sugriva’s cave where Lord Rama for the first time met Sugriva and the place inside the cave where they sat and had talks. And also the exact location nearby temples as per locals from where Lord Rama shot an arrow at Vali fighting with Sugriva on the other side of Tungabhadra river.

These temples are at Anegundi approx. 6-7 km from Virupapur Gaddi (other side of Hampi across Tungabhadra river) popularly known as Chintamani temple. A must visit location to know the history of Vali and Sugriva fight.