Chandigarh to Ambala to Taste Chicken at Asli Puran Singh ka New Dhaba

Asli Puran Singh ka New Dhaba, Opposite Ambala Cantt Railway Station, Haryana

11:40 am Haryana Roadways bus started its journey for Panipat from Sector-17, ISBT, Chandigarh. Two tickets for Ambala Cantt please. Rs. 50/- per person paid.

12:50 pm we reached Ambala Cantt Bus Depot. Road condition excellent. The search for Asli Puran Singh ka New Dhaba begins. It is not easy to locate because there are many with the name Puran Singh ka Dhaba. We decided to buy a water bottle from a shop and inquire. The shopkeeper an old man said – Puran Singh is no more but yes, wife runs the dhaba. She must be at dhaba and he guided us the location. Soon we were inside Asli Puran Singh ka New Dhaba. We requested for Chicken plate. Served with Tandoori Rotis & onions. The very first chicken bite was narrating its current story – one of the best of best chicken I had in recent times. The gravy was very special, good enough to lick fingers one by one. We requested for Rice. Aroma – fantastic.

Total bill for two person we paid – Rs. 300/- (Rs. 120×2 – Chicken, Rs. 40 – Rice and Rs. 20 – Four Tandoori Rotis). It was a complete meal for lunch. Tough to describe in words as I am unable to do so but via visit – worth a visit. One should visit often.

Timings: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm (7 Days a week)

One of the dhaba guy enhanced our knowledge further. He said – Keema is another best dish available. It was noted. Maybe another tour, another visit we will try the same but not this time as our stomach is full 100%.

More queries and the house of Late Shri Puran Singh – a two floor building written on top – Asli Puran Singh ka New Dhaba Niwas shown. A displayed photo inside dhaba nicely framed talking about the year of dhaba established – 1949 with the photograph of Late Puran Singh.

So for a new comer in search of Puran Singh ka Dhaba I say – if you are coming from Chandigarh side remember just before Ambala Cantt Bus Depot there is a small lane between dhabas that goes straight towards the house of Late Puran Singh (next to Hotel Highway Inn). Enter the small lane, walk a little, on the left hand side with two openings is Asli Puran Singh ka New Dhaba. The best about the dhaba – it is not modernized and very very simple by looks reminding old days.

After having stomach tight meal we decided to travel back to Chandigarh via train if not bus. Ambala Cantt Railway Station is on the other side of the highway. We walk, had two general class tickets for Chandigarh. Fare – Rs. 55/- per person. Costlier than bus – a thought and after reaching Chandigarh I have to take a bus from Chandigarh Railway Station to Sector -17, ISBT. Another cost. I think bus was a good option straight to Sector 17, Chandigarh. Anyway, train was yet to arrive. More than one hour late. We had few walks here and there trying to find out when Ambala Cantt Railway Station was built? But no information anywhere. How to pass time till next one hour or so? We decided to visit Halwai Bazar – famous for Kachori. Yes, stomach was full but to taste Kachori we have to re-visit again so why not today. How far is Halwai Bazar – I question a rickshaw wala. 2-3 km – He said. Ok – Lets go. Fare – Rs. 30/- for two person. Within 10 minutes we reached Pehalwan ji Khasta Wale shop. The look of the Khasta Kachori present itself was describing the goodness of the taste. We order for two plates. Tikki was on-preparation. After delicious Khasta Kachori we requested two plates of Tikki and then the last one – gulab jamun. Total – Rs. 50/- only (two Kachoris, two Tikki and two Gulab Jamuns) though the cost was total Rs. 60/-. Rs. 10 discount for what reason I don’t know but was given. Thank you – said I. Food – No comparison. All are unique, best and HOT as well. Another good finding. While returning from Halwai Bazar to Ambala Cantt Railway Station we paid Rs. 20/- to Rickshaw wala. Ambala Cantt good for food. Will visit again for sure. You should visit or stop too to taste chicken, keema or kachori and maybe more.. Click to watch this video and this too. Mount-watering, isn’t it.