Abbey Waterfalls in Madikeri, Karnataka

Abbey Falls in Madikeri, Karnataka


The Madikeri stream also called Muttramuttu, falls 21.3 meter between huge boulders to a deep rocky valley to form this picturesque Waterfall called Abbi falls (abbi means waterfalls in Kodavatak). The British called it the Jessey waterfall in memory of Jessey, the daughter of Madikeri’s first chaplain. Every year a few unwary people meet an unfortunate end over the slippery rocks here.

(Source: display board)

Abbey Waterfalls distance is 8 km from Madikeri town. We reached there at 1:10 pm. Parking charges for car is 40 rupees.


  1. Antonina says:

    I love waterfalls (who doesn’t? :)), but it’s sad to hear about the unfortunate people.